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Thread: [Galicia] S> some old % Int

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    all gone. ty.
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    I wish you'd have a 18%+ int pendant for sale too.

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    Nah, I won't be upgrading either of my pendants for a while.
    The materials for a Dominator Pendant are a little over what I'd be willing to spend. Maybe if Primals dropped to like 800m-1b or so I would consider it but for now I'm good with what I have.

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    dat gaia cape
    save it and sell it for major dosh when we get xenon

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    I'm not the type to wait 6 months just to make a little extra cash. I'd much rather sell it asap and have it out of my inventory for good.

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    Added my Branch Nose and added Bonus Potential to the Stirgemans and Gaia just because I have so many Stamps lying around on mules now.

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    Just got the Pants left.
    No one's really offered on them in game yet so I'm not too sure what to sell them at.



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