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  1. Default GOD MODE (Windows)

    It's an old feature, but I find it helpful. Makes managing your computer a lot easier, essentially putting all customizing features in one spot.

    It's as simply as creating a new folder and naming it "God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}"

    It's been out since 2010, so it's nothing new. Thought I'd let people know who aren't aware about it.

  2. Default Re: GOD MODE (Windows)

    Take Ownership is another one.

  3. Default Re: GOD MODE (Windows)

    I've had this option available in the corner of my desktop since the moment it was posted here the first time.

    I've used it once to show what it can do, lmfao.

  4. Default Re: GOD MODE (Windows)

    Kinda convenient, but you could get to those options anyway by typing in your Windows Start search box. Anything you can do here, you could do through Control Panel - albeit with more clicking around. Nevertheless, it's a great easter egg for anyone who wants to play with settings which 90% of the time you wouldn't touch.

    The changing the name "God Mode" doesn't break this. The brackets most likely point to an already-existing folder, but where is the original folder? How does Windows handle these folder names and locations? Do you need administrator access to use God Mode?



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