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Thread: Dex or HP?

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    I'm about to that point on my Kaiser where I need to decide whether I want to put my extra AP into dex or health. I've got about 280 dex right now, meaning even if I found something with a secondary stat requirement I would probably have enough. Should I take the extra health or go for the damage boost from dex?

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    My friend just asked this question.

    If you ever needed it, defense mode would give you more than enough extra hp... I really can't see a situation where the little bit extra hp from AP would make a difference. Might as well throw it in dex for that little bit of damage.

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    Yeah I don't think the extra HP would make a difference on a Kaiser.
    Maybe stick it into MP? I'm not familiar with how much MP they have at 200, but it could help out in Dojo or places that have potion cooldowns. Make sure you raise your Int as high as possible before dumping the points into Mp if you decide to do this though (more Int = more MP).

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    I'm kinda shaky on how that stuff works. I've got enough now for both that I don't use any potions and can clear dojo just fine (innate regen plus Aran and Evan cards). If the HP is gonna be inconsequential I guess I'll stick it in dex so I can easily get it back if I change my mind.

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    i'd recommend dex indeed, the extra HP won't cause much change nowadays, kaiser seems to do perfectly fine on MP too.

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    Default Re: Dex or HP?

    Didn't they change that mechanic a while back so that INT only affects the MP gain of mages?

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    I have no idea.

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    That only applies to level up MP. If you add points, it'll increase if you have more INT.

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    I'd go with DEX for the extra damage. Doing as high damage as possible has pretty much become the point of the game.

    Kaiser already has plenty of HP anyway. Plus, if you're high enough to have 999 base STR, you're high enough to get the Extra HP Hyper Skill. That's an extra 15% HP to add to Kaiser's already massive HP pool.

    And if you're going to go bossing, you should have Decent Hyper Body or a Phantom/Dark Knight buddy to give you Hyper Body anyway.

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    Defensive Stance would only give you +1250 HP or so if you put the excess AP into HP.
    No point into putting the AP into MP, because of the 5% per 4sec recovery on Kaiser

    DEX would be the best choice IMO since bosses seem to be more DPS race inclined (Empress, Magnus, Root Abyss).

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    I have actually burned through more than 5%/4sec using Blade Burst at LHC, but that's at 12x, so at max level there's probably a bit more of a margin.

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    The last time I just sat there and spammed blade burst or gigas wave it burned through my mana faster than I got it. That said, I don't think it will once I get some empathy and equip my Kaiser hot time hat. It doesn't really matter anyway since my Evan card makes my mana go up regardless as long as I'm hitting something.



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