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  1. Default Medal Fusion Anvil "risk"

    Anyone know what they mean by "there is a risk that items with similar appearance may be fused together"?

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    Default Re: Medal Fusion Anvil "risk"

    It wont check that you aren't fusing two of the same item. So it's possible to fuse two of the same item and essentially cause no change. But you'll still lose your anvil since it did its job.

    That be my take on it~

  3. Default Re: Medal Fusion Anvil "risk"

    Posting here to avoid new thread...

    Can you grab one of those tradeable flowery medals and give it the stats of a Time Traveler medal? The one from Visitor event, whcih IIRC is the best medal.

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    Default Re: Medal Fusion Anvil "risk"

    You can't transfer stats, you can only transfer looks.
    So you can make the flowery medal say "Time Traveler", in brown, with the watches on the sides, and everything. But you can't give it the attack.

  5. Default Re: Medal Fusion Anvil "risk"

    This anvil pales in comparison to a normal anvil. I doubt I will ever purchase one.

  6. Default Re: Medal Fusion Anvil "risk"

    Of course it does. This anvil only works on one item, while the other works on countless items. So, yes, it does fail in comparison.

    Good Job Captain Obvious!

    But, for people with a medal that is ugly and they want something that looks pretty this is a great item.

  7. Default Re: Medal Fusion Anvil "risk"

    I was going to use it to anvil an LGM onto my Azalea Corsage then anvil that onto my Democrat Supporter (ugh). I don't want to have something happen to my Corsage or the LGM I would be borrowing, though.

  8. Default Re: Medal Fusion Anvil "risk"

    Use it like a normal anvil and nothing will happen to you. The risk only applies for people who don't know what anvils are apparently.

  9. Default Re: Medal Fusion Anvil "risk"

    Why is the description on this anvil so confusing?

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    Default Re: Medal Fusion Anvil "risk"

    Because Nexon



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