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  1. Default Southperry then and now

    How have you aged since you joined?

    2006. I was Puss in Boots for Halloween...

    2007-2008...Recovered from my old Myspace account

    I think this was around 2009 or so


    Meanwhile, in 2012:

    I've gained around 20 pounds and my face and body have a little bit more substance to them than just meat and bones. I think my hair is also a little bit darker o.O

    Most importantly, I don't look 14 anymore.
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    Default Re: Southperry then and now

    cute thread
    Don't have any pics of me in 2008, but this is 2007 x:

    This is me a few days ago Merry Christmas!

    Is it just me or do I look the same?

  3. Default Re: Southperry then and now

    Probably just means you finished growing physically in '07 and have been healthy since. It took me a bit longer to get out of the scrawny teen phase.

  4. Default Re: Southperry then and now

    Damn holy pineapple let me rip out the pictures from AGESSSSSS ago.




    As you can see, I lost a bit of weight and got exponentially gayer as well as fiercer.

  5. Default Re: Southperry then and now

    Honestly, you look far gayer in your older pics than your newer ones. Of course, that is just the pictures themselves. If you took a picture now like one then you might look a little gayer.

  6. Default

    Your pictures also have increasing clarity on bi-annual basis.

  7. Default Re: Southperry then and now

    Are you sure you weren't gay at some point, I mean c'mon did you at least experiment in 2005 and then lose interest?

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    Default Re: Southperry then and now

    Christmas break 2007

    Christmas break 2008

    Christmas break 2009

    Christmas break 2010

    Christmas break 2011

    Christmas break 2012

    That was a fun trip down memory lane. I haven't changed much at all since I moved to New Jersey in 2009.
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  9. Default Re: Southperry then and now


    Also, everyone's hair, so far, has gotten shorter throughout the years.

  10. Default Re: Southperry then and now

    I'll say



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    Default Re: Southperry then and now

    You want to talk about becoming exponentially gayer and fiercer @Tay?







    Decided to split the year in two these last few years because, in my nostalgia trip, I realized I've accelerated in changing to rather drastic changes in as little as 6 months. Which honestly is really exciting.

    But yes holy gay.

  12. Default Re: Southperry then and now

    Looks like we're going to have a Southperry gay-off. Someone make a thread in the Funhouse for this.

  13. Default Re: Southperry then and now

    Progression of fat unconfident boy into slightly more confident and fashionably gay man

    Winter 2009

    Christmas 2010

    Christmas 2011

    Christmas 2012

    It is crazy to see how much I've grown and changed, it makes me uncomfortable. Ignore the family pictures, but they're the only standard I could think of.

  14. Default Re: Southperry then and now

    2007 and 2011 are your gayest moments in my opinion.

  15. Default Re: Southperry then and now

    I think it's a fashion trend thing. I had longer hair in 2005-2008 than I do now as well.

  16. Default Re: Southperry then and now

    Ill post pics when i get home. So far southperrians age well.

  17. Default Re: Southperry then and now

    had to dig up some old photos from Myspace





    bonus points for the same shirt [not planned] and still hating my glasses.



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