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    So I have been wanting new headphones for a long ass time now and I decided I would use some of my Christmas money to get some but don't really know where to look exactly.

    I'm looking for something that I can afford with a $100 budget. Usage: Youtube, Games and Music. Also, if possible, something that isn't so uncomfortable for people with glasses. Anything on-ear might be out of the question as that pushes the ear against the glasses.

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    I use Hippo earphones, and the one that comes with Samsung S3. The latter is surprisingly good, in fact, I use it when I want to hear every single thing in an orchestral piece (rather than make the whole damn thing sound good I overlook the mistakes).

    Depends on your taste. You like it even? Heavy bass? What kind of music do you listen to?


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    Mostly VGM, so not much bass for the most part.

    I also need headphones specifically since there are times when I'll want to use earphones and headphones at the same time for different reasons.

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    I always recommend them for a first pair around that price range. If you don't mind that they're open-backed (people can hear you and vice versa) then I don't think there's a better option. If not those:

    Superlux HD668b - Semi-open, very good quality for price, I have this pair right now; $47
    Grado SR80i - Closed, sound isolation isn't perfect but they're in the same realm as the Superlux pair for quality/price ratio; $100

    Also about glasses, I have thick-framed glasses and I use headphones regularly and it's not a problem for me, so you shouldn't overlook full-sized headphones because of that.

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    Audio technica is a great brand but they're a high quality high price type deal. I own sennheiser's myself and the model i have has a long ass cord but the quality is nice.

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    I have small ear holes so I just avoid the whole in-ear thing all together. Personally I use Bose AE2, best headphones I ever had, almost 3 years old and still comfortable as pineapple.

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    If you wear in-ears long enough your ears mold to fit the device. Took about half a year or something to get used to apple headphones back in high school but when i still used them they were real comfy.

    It's still terrible for you though

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    Thanks guys.



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