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Thread: [KMST] 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

  1. Default 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

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    (PvE) Skill Changes






  2. Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    I'm gonna be honest here. When I saw this, I emitted a horse-like girlish squeal.
    I really need to get a life during the break.

  3. Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    @Fiel, updated the translations. Demon Avenger tables need a reprint.

    Pinpoint Rocket appears to just be a counter. I'd assume it's like Soul Seeker or Shield Chasing in that it hits up to the number of rockets it fires, 4. Feels rather redundant after you get Aegis System though.

  4. Donator Straight Male
    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
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    Guild: IDissOrtis

    Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    these eyes, so pretty

  5. Neutron Male
    IGN: Konfus
    Server: Culverin
    Level: 145
    Job: Shiny
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    Alliance: something else

    Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    Another server? Come on Nexon, you already filled up the page!

  6. Helium Atom Gay Male
    IGN: CoveralAran
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    Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    Aaaand Francis is back again :)

  7. Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    He never learns, does he?

    I mean, you'd think he'd switch sides by now since Orca did it.....

  8. Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    Well, Francis IS rather stupid...

  9. Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    Like I said, SOME people need a good kick in the ass to get the idea that you can't win to jumpstart.

  10. Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    Well, I kinda felt sorry for the guy after Phantom bullied him into submission...though it WAS pretty hilarious.

  11. Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    18% decrease in raw DPS for Sniper... that's a pretty big hit unless you cap with 500% damage.

    What's the point of Pinpoint Rockets when you have Aegis? I don't get it...


  12. Flatpanel TV Straight Male
    IGN: Dailom
    Server: Windia
    Level: 188
    Job: Wild Hunter
    Guild: Caelia
    Alliance: HighOrder

    Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    Especially considering he's only with the Black Wings because he has a crush on her...

  13. Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    Mesos for Maple Points could be neat.

  14. Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    But it'll probably be expensive as all pineapple...

  15. Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    Probably, I hope for at most of 50m per 1k. =D

  16. Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    This patch was before that entry in the secret diary.

  17. Neutron Bi Male
    IGN: Aversa
    Server: Fleta
    Level: ---
    Job: I Break Wind
    Guild: Noxus
    Alliance: SWAG(filler name)

    Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    So Pin-point rocket is like resetting a trap...
    Pointless skill sure it does damage but we try to aim for avoiding attacks.

  18. Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    I believe this is what someone described as... counter-productive skills, as opposed to synergising skills?


  19. Donator Straight Male
    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
    Level: 152
    Job: Batman
    Guild: IDissOrtis

    Default Re: 1.2.461 - Xenon (2)

    honestly think it was done just for "awesomeness factor" since flying around shooting rockets is pretty awesome. but indeed, quite useless.



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