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  1. Default Kaiser Equipment w/ low-decent funding

    Hello everyone!

    I just decided to get back into the game after a long break, and have no idea what to get.

    At the moment, I have ~250m mesos, but I could get close to 1b if needed.

    I'm only level 40 atm, but I would like to know what I should ultimately spend my money on, when the time comes.

    I'm very interested in bossing (as I've never really been able to do that), but I also really like mining and farming for items.

    I would realistically like to use this character to farm tons of mesos (not sure what is best for this?), that way I can keep upgrading my character, or just start a brand new character without having to sell off my kaiser gear.

    What do you guys think would be the best bang for my buck?

  2. Default Kaiser Equipment w/ low-decent funding

    You can get good potentialed armor from Monster Park. That should cover what you need until the higher levels - you don't actually NEED to upgrade at every available point.

    Take Herbalism and Alchemy as your professions. That will help with getting mesos as you can sell item crystals in bulk. The ability to fuse items is essential - see below.

    Do the Treasure Island every day and either extract or fuse what you get. If you get lucky, you can get a full Reverse set (with good potential). That covers hat, overall, shoes, glove and weapon, but you can use the Unique-on-reveal Heaven's Gate from Sunday's Hot Time. You can also use the Kaivesurnet, or spend Tempest coins on the Tempest set.

    I would hold onto those mesos for now. Get Mastery books from Neo City, Golden Temple and Silent Crusade as quests come up. Things to consider spending mesos on are mastery books, eye accessories and things to resell.

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    Do the almost-as-painful-as-a-wisdom-tooth daily quests from the shadow merchants (accessible around lvl 100 after a chain of Kaiser quests) to get those Tyrant equipments. They don't seem to cost a lot beside a painful investment of time.

    The cape/shoes/belt adds 30atk/30atk/25atk each, with 1 upgradable slot (not sure if potentialable) and a promised hightened effect upon enhancement. They're lvl 150.

  4. Default Re: Kaiser Equipment w/ low-decent funding

    Aern't the Tyrant equips only from Hard-Mode Magnus?

  5. Default Re: Kaiser Equipment w/ low-decent funding

    Oh pomegranate, it's not shadow coins, it's Magnus coins. The Nova cape/shoes are slightly worse, but doable... in 3months.

  6. Default Re: Kaiser Equipment w/ low-decent funding

    Ah, thanks for the help everyone.

    At the moment, I'm level 55. Once I get to 60, I'm going to do monster park, and try to get some armor.

    In the meantime, would you guys know how I can convert mesos->nx?

    I really want to invest in a pet, but I'm not sure if I can use my 200m+ mesos to just buy one, rather than spending the 10$. :3

    (Also, for leveling, is it worth it for me to do the kaiser story quests? If so, is there an awesome reward at the end? :P)

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    As far as I know, there is no 'fully' legit method for meso->NX.

    Also, do the Kaiser Story quests if you want. You get a nice bunch of EXP and a cheesy text afterwards that you can really laugh at. I'm not complete with the quests, but I only expect EXP so far.

  8. Default Re: Kaiser Equipment w/ low-decent funding

    how do you get mastery books from golden temple and silent crusade?

  9. Default Re: Kaiser Equipment w/ low-decent funding



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