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    Hi everyone! So, I've recently quit my hero and xferred all my equips to my new kaiser. Sold my weapon in order to make a lionheart scimitar as well. Well, I got a decent amount of money for my weapon so I thought I'd have plenty of money to make a perfect scimitar myself. However, I landed 6 out of 11 50% scrolls (using shield scrolls) and needed to buy some other things and now I find myself with roughly 1.5b left. My question to you guys now is, how should I go about finishing it? Some options I thought of:

    1. Buy 4 50%s at 250m each + 4 shield scrolls at 100m each and hope to god I land em all.

    2. Buy 4 50%s and do not use shield scrolls, hope they land, and if not, then clean slate them with clean slates in the tempest shop or in fm for 70m each.

    3. Forget about the remaining 4 slots, equip the damned thing already, and worry about it later.

    4. I don't know any other options...

    You're opinion is greatly appreciated and if you have any other suggestions let me know!

  2. Default Re: Scrolling Options?

    I'd do either 1 or 2, You already spent plenty of money trying to perfect it, Mine as well finish it.

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    Default Re: Scrolling Options?

    whatever you do don't do 3, it's gonna end up more expensive.

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    Another option would be to use the 20%s from the Tempest shop. It could end up saving you some money but if you're unlucky it could end up costing more as well.
    Also, be sure to raise your Diligence up to Level 100. I'm not sure whether or not the scrolls count as Special Scrolls, but if they don't, that extra 10% could help immensely.

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    AFAIK the scrolls should be affected by Diligence so I'd get the Shield scrolls + Tempest 20s.

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    Default Re: Scrolling Options?

    You can also try those happy-go-lucky scrolls if you have em

  7. Default Re: Scrolling Options?

    Hmm okay thanks guys. I think I'll raise diligence to max then use the tempest scrolls. Seems like it'd be far more cheaper than pinks.

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    Default Re: Scrolling Options?

    If you're not doing anything else with your tempest coins, definitely stockpile clean slates.



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