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  1. Default Free Maple Points Code?

    Just wondering has anyone gotten this? There are lots of people in Scania saying "B> MP Codes" recently, and someone kept saying you can get a 25k MP code, if you change your accounts email? Supposedly it gets sent to the email?

    Just wondering if anyones heard about this yet.

  2. Default Re: Free Maple Points Code?

    I don't see how, since they're not asking you to go to any website. Was just the normal MS website. And I did notice lots of people either selling "MP Codes" or buying "MP Codes"

    Was just wondering.

  3. Default Re: Free Maple Points Code?

    MP is also MoneyPak, which is a method of adding money to your Paypal account. Are you sure it's not people selling things for real money?

  4. Default Re: Free Maple Points Code?

    If something as simple as changing your email got you 25k, I would be up to my neck in NX right now.

  5. Default Re: Free Maple Points Code?

    Well I heard some pretty random things...just hanging out in room 1 FM. Basically group of people talking about how many Maple Points they got. Ranging from 5-25k. Some saying they were going to "try" on their other accounts.

    Also there were a couple people smegaing about selling their Maple points codes. The next smega was something like, "Stop asking me how to do it, just go change your emails" then another smega confirming the changing your emails thing.

  6. Default Re: Free Maple Points Code?

    Just tried changing my email on a mule account and haven't received anything other than the verification emails.
    Sounds too good to be true.

  7. Default Re: Free Maple Points Code?

    To be honest, this just sounds like a guild/group of people working together to scam people.

  8. Default Re: Free Maple Points Code?

    Same. Will laugh if somehow Nexon had a security flaw and people are somehow hacking recently updated accounts. It's a long shot but so have been some of these other database leaks.

  9. Default Re: Free Maple Points Code?

    Yeah it did sound strange. But you never know. I was too scared to try anyways...with all the random stuff hackers can do now a days, I didn't want to try anything lol.

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    Default Re: Free Maple Points Code?

    Some people just don't know the difference between MP Code and NX Code.



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