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Thread: H-Hello qwq;;.

  1. Default H-Hello qwq;;.

    Oh geez, guess who's pretty nervous about going on a new forum for once?
    I am~.

    So, um; basic info here.

    Name: Kennet
    Age: 16
    Location: Texas

    When I started playing Maple & what server:
    ..Sometime in 05-06? I was playing when I was around 8 or 9, and stopped after all my friends left. It was originally Scania before I moved to Windia. From there, I moved to Bera.
    ...And now I basically travel between those two servers because they're like home to me.

    Other Games I play: Mabinogi, Elsword, PangYa, LaTale, Audition, and now Raiderz!

    Where I heard about SP:
    I remember looking at this website as a younger child; I was too scared to approach it, though ;u;.

    Reason for Registering:
    After returning to MapleStory from what seemed like a few years, I realized that none of my friends played it anymore. I'm usually alone now, but.. it's kind of... awkward, ahaha. I registered not only to be constantly updated on MapleStory, but.. I kinda need a home, y'know? Gotta find a place to get adjusted in and not be so terribly awkward~.

    Three interesting facts about me are:
    1) I really like drawing characters and such. I only sketch at the moment because of a broken tablet.

    2) I also like writing fiction and fanfiction; though, I haven't written much as of recent.

    3) I am very, very odd. I hope I don't annoy you all in some way ;;;.

    I think that's about it for me; it's nice to meet all of you!

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    Default Re: H-Hello qwq;;.

    So uh welcome to Southperry, the land of chinchillas, pineapples, and opossums.

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    Hello! How are you? Welcome to the forum, I really, really hope you enjoy your stay!

    I'll be a little careful around here, some of the people bite, but not too hard. xD

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    Ooh a fellow Texan. Welcome and enjoy Southperry!

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    Default Re: H-Hello qwq;;.

    Welcome to Southperry and I hope you enjoy your stay here!

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    Was it the funhouse? When it was in it's prime it used to do that to some people.

    But all in all, welcome to the board ma'am.

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    ^5 for playing Raiderz. Been playing that myself.

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    Chinchillas are so cute! \o/

    D'aww, I think I can take it. Thank you, though~ <3

    Texas is awesome~! <3.

    Sorta..! Ahaha. That and I was just much more quiet and shy during that point in time. I mean I still am, but it's not to the point where I'm just like "I'm too intimdated!" :'D

    It looks so good, and my friend had recommended it to me so we can play together.
    I've yet to start, but once she logs on today I might just ask her if she wants to play!

    I feel like I know you from somewhere, though..! Your name sounds familiar.

    But oh snap, I didn't realize the replies until this morning! Thanks everyone! <3
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    It's definitely a really fun game. If I had more time I'd probably already have all the classes at max level. Bossing in particular is very fun.

    It's entirely possible. I've used FoolsLove since 2008, and it's what I use on other forums or in games when Derek (my name) is taken. It's also known to a lesser extent by manga readers and scanlators who frequent Batoto.

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    I knew it! I had a feeling to know who you were..!
    I don't know if you remember, but I used to go by a different name somewhere else. Delma, I believe? I might've changed my name or had one prior to that, but it was something to my tastes ahaha.

    I think I've also seen that name around when it comes to manga, but that's pretty awesome~.

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    I can't say I remember the name off the top of my head. I have a really bad memory, even more so when it comes to people. Would be easier if I knew where you were referring to. Though given your age, I would assume the only places you could've seen me at before are TTC/VMKF or some other forum run by Nick.

    Well, I only use Derek when it comes to scanlating/manga now, but some people know me by FoolsLove on Batoto because it's what I used there at first.

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    Hello, have a nice stay, here's a plate of cookies.
    You really don't have to be shy around here. Most people are nice.

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    Thank you~! ^^

    TTC would be the place I last remember seeing you; though, I can't quite remember VMKF.. That one's a blur to me ahaha.

    Ooh, I see..~. Either way, I've seen your name float around a couple of times, ahaha. I can't name select people, but usually when I search about I'd see it somewhere or another.

    Ahaha, but thank you! I'll try not to be uvu;;.

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    I figured one of those would be where you could've seen me. I haven't frequented TTC in a few years though, not since I last played TT, which I think was in 2009 or so. Definitely a game I wish I could play more, but not really willing to pay for it.

    Well, you ever see "Derek" on a credit page for a manga release, or really, associated with anything manga related, that's me.



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