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  1. Default Regarding Mage Attack Speed

    I know Weapon Speed doesn't effect mages (except for BaMs and explosion), and that the attack speed is defaulted to what would be Normal(6).

    Does this mean like the weapon counterpart you can't get below fastest(2)? For example If I had booster (-2), Decent SI (-1), Aswan Skill (-1), and Vengeance of Angel Hyper Skill (-1) then would it just be an extra -1 that wouldn't matter? Or is it done differently than weapon speed and can go to Fastest(1)? Thanks in advance. =]

  2. Default Re: Regarding Mage Attack Speed

    Pretty sure we reach the cap with Booster, Decent SI, and +1 Inner Ability.

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    Default Re: Regarding Mage Attack Speed

    We're capped at (2) like the other classes, meaning as a Bishop with Vengeance you can replace decent SI, or aim for buff duration/% boss for Azwan.

  4. Default Re: Regarding Mage Attack Speed

    Alright. Thanks guys.



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