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Thread: [Movies] The Hobbit

  1. Default The Hobbit

    Why is there no thread about it already? I just watched it and it was definetely on LoTR level. The stuff they added that wasn't in the book was amazing and they did a better job at pacing than in LoTR. Really impressed about how well done it is.

    Oh, and that part. So much goosebumps.

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    I can't wait to see it so bad. The Hobbit is, literally, my favorite book.

    The Hobbit is like a fourth of the size of the Lord of the Rings as whole (since it's considered a novel in three parts, fun fact). Of course pacing is going to be easier since it's going to be in three parts as well.

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    They added stuff that was from the appendices which technically in the book. i just don't like the obvious money grab tactic of splitting it into 3 movies. some of the scenes were really dragged out because of it. I really feel they could have done justice to the book by making only 2 films (like they had originally planned). I did still enjoy the piece. It was fairly well done considering the whole dragging out/introduction movie. I don't know how the 3rd part is going to turn out considering the desolation of Smaug is in the next one and they really only have 2 major battles left.

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    Default Re: The Hobbit

    I read the book many years ago and was honestly surprised by several of the additions to the plot. Some of which I may have simply forgotten since reading it... I actually had no idea that they had split it up into 3 movies when I saw it and kept expecting them to actually get to the dragon and thinking, "Man this movie is getting to be really long, they haven't even gotten to the mountain yet!". To me, the battles didn't really have the big emotional significance that I got from LoTR where the elves arrival at Helms Deep is a real tear jerker and of course Éowyn's win in RotK. The whole fight through the goblin dungeon was particularly silly and didn't do anything for me at all. The bit with the the ladder or whatever started me thinking about the spring loaded dwarves from Snow White. I miss Gimli and Legolas' counting contest. It was much better for comic relief.

    I LOVED the misty mountain song. It sets the tone absolutely perfectly and hearing/seeing it in the trailer made me want to run not walk to go see the movie.

    Overall it was definitely a good movie and I may actually see it again in theaters (3D IMAX this time). Despite the box office numbers, I do not think The Hobbit will quite live up to the majesty of The LoTR, but I will still enjoy seeing them.

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    I was waiting for my sister to come back so that we could go and watch this just like the old times when we'd rush off to the cinema once the LOTR movies were out. Wednesday, come sooner!

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    So I saw it today. I have mixed feelings. I'm unbelievably upset about the "creativity" used in the plot. I mean, I was excited for it to be a movie, and when I heard it was going to be split into two parts, I expect(ed, because I still do) everything to be flawless and just like the book. I had heard a couple days ago that it was going to be three movies and I basically lost my pomegranate. I want to say like 3/4 of the movie is pure bullpomegranate and a mockery of the book given the inaccuracies (Azog, Radagast, Troll scene to name a few off the top of my head). The flip-side is that the alterations were at least well done. I did enjoy it, but I'm upset they changed so much.

    Some of the additions were great, some of them bothered me so much.

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    Default Re: The Hobbit

    i haven't read the books, so i found some things very annoying, the movies make gandalf's magic look like some sort of deus ex machina, really, there isn't a single situation where gandalf doesn't seem to suddenly pop and go "you're saved!"

    and some of the lines were corny as hell, especially the death of a certain one on the wooden bridge.

    asides from this though, the movie was truly awesome.

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    Anyone know the name of the dwarf hymn or where i could find it?

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    The name is "Misty Mountains Cold" AFAIK.

    OT: I liked the movie overall, went there with the mindset that it was based on a childrens story and wasn't disappointed.

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    Like Malthe said, it's based off a children book, which is why Gandalf always appear at the last minute and save the day. He's supposed to show the children that even when things get really bad, you will always be saved. Problem is that this isn't a children movie so some lines and moments seem out of place.

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    I just saw it yesterday and while it was good overall there's certain parts that I feel detract from the message. Commentary:


    Overall they made things a bit more dramatic and did some changes I didn't like (That part about Azog, really?) Otherwise it does stay true to the book and I did enjoy it. The scenery was to die for, as usual.

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    Default Re: The Hobbit

    There is just one thing that bothered me:


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    Too much walking, but good overall

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    I literally laughed out loud in the theater when I saw this part, I was like what the flying pineapple? Cmon man...

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    I was telling my sister that I would have remembered that. And then I did a speed-read when we went home and...shockingly I really did not remember that. >_>

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    Default Re: The Hobbit

    She wasn't there physically. She projected herself into the minds of the council. Hence why she suddenly dissapeared. According to the index.

    I really loved the movie. Perfect for both adults and kids, has a nice little message, and the music as always is AWESOME.

    Looking foward to seeing Benedict as Smaug soon.

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    Thanks for that info! It's been a long time since I read the index considering that I sort of misplaced all of my books. The next movie could not come any sooner.

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    From a movie perspective, it was awesome. This was your stereotypical plot about your typical, weak protagonist coming up big and being a hero. I have no problem with that. Just don't do it to The Hobbit.

    As some have mentioned above, this turned into a cash grab, and I really felt they could've put the whole book into one movie. I mean, they seriously spent the first hour STILL in Bag End.

    Nevermind the reindeer rabbit and the brown wizard and all the other characters who aren't supposed to show up...I had the biggest problem with their "extra" scenes which recast Bilbo as a character who went from inept to heroic, because that's not who Bilbo Baggins is. Bilbo Baggins was NEVER heroic when it came to fighting in the book. He was this reluctant hobbit that was caught in an adventure on a spur of the moment reaction. You could argue that Bilbo Baggins has NO redeeming qualities about him. Everything he does is purely being in the right place at the right time, and he was also a character that for the most part kept the peace. So what's he doing throwing himself at a giant goblin? Makes sense in every stereotypical underdog hero movie, yes. Just not in The Hobbit.

    I'm not against movies deviating from the book; I understand that it's necessary at times. However, Tolkien's masterpiece should not be treated like any other Hollywood stereotypical plot. I can live with the Brown Wizard and not Gandalf investigating the Necromancer. I can live with Bilbo falling off a cliff fighting a goblin instead of being dropped. Just don't throw in Bilbo tackling goblins and telling the dwarves that he's doing this "because I want you to get your home back", because that's NOT what the book was about. And don't get me started on this "bounty on Thorin" thing with the addition of this super big bad white goblin as antagonist thing.

    I can appreciate all the work that went to pulling bits and pieces from other Tolkien works to extend the film (the Necromancer is actually mentioned in the book, albeit just in passing, and I really enjoyed the beginning, when they started the movie basically at the beginning of the Lord of the Rings before tracking backwards to The Hobbit). However, I just can't say I agree with how they did it. I see from the comments that a lot of people loved the movie (and most of my friends who haven't read the book also loved it), and I can see why. But being a book that I read when I was 9 (and heck, after the movie, I just HAD to go and spend the last 2.5 hours rereading it again) which had many fond childhood memories attached to it, as well as a book I've read multiple times for my degree, I just can't accept what's been done to it. It's like remixing Handel's Messiah in dubstep or something: It might sound and appear cool, but it takes away from the context of what made it great.

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    In regards to Bilbo, he's pretty much a burden in the books until the later parts but yes, he was never heroic like how the movie seems to want to make him look. To say he has no redeeming qualities seems far off the mark to me as his reasons may have been selfish but he still tries to do what he thinks is right for all sides (See: Giving the Arkenstone to Bard to make negotiations easier), it's just grating that they're making him look like a shining action hero when by and large Gandalf was right about him being a burglar in the sense of how he gets people out of trouble with stealth and cunning, traits that are not always appreciated in Hollywood heroes.

    What they really should have done was to stick more true to the book. I am in agreement with you that it has its pros in terms of expansion but with the cost being character butchering it becomes less good of a movie than LOTR was to me.

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    Default Re: The Hobbit

    I guess knowing The Hobbit is based off a children's book, or at least was written for children, makes the film better for me, because I really disliked it compared to the majesty of Lord of the Rings due to all of the cheesy, cliched, clearly drawn-out-for-a-child's-comprehension elements, both in plot/storytelling and Hollywood action.

    Ultimately I'm "excited" to see the next two films, but solely because I love these books. I just know now to not expect anything as incredible as Peter Jackson's first trilogy.

    My father is a diehard LoTR fan (he's read the trilogy 7 times and is finishing his 3rd read of The Hobbit, which he started after seeing the movie for the first time). He was shocked by the scene too but went back and closely read for it, and it does actually occur in the book - for the entire span of about 1-2 pages.

    There was actually a council in the book? Because I don't remember one, and if not that entire scene felt utterly forced and ridiculous, a blatant method to include Christopher Lee and Cate Blanchett in the film for recognition status from fans and more adoration from film critics for finding parts for A-list actors.



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