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    Hello people of Southperry,

    I know I've posted quite a bit in this section recently but I have a plethora of issues T_T
    Anyways, here's the story.

    I bought my laptop, an ASUS K53SV-XR1 around a year and 4 months ago. About 3 months after I bought it, the laptop wouldn't charge unless the charger was in some bizarre position with 10000 lbs of force on it. SO I send it into ASUS since I had a 1 year warranty and they fixed it. Well, a year later, the same thing is happening again and it is really making me mad. I contacted ASUS and they said that all replaced hardware has a 3 month warranty, but of course that was already up along with my normal warranty. Anyways, I was reading online that a lot of people's power jacks on their motherboards go out and that they are relatively easy to fix. So I was considering taking it into some computer shop somewhere and seeing what they can do. The charger light on the brick stays on but the laptop itself wont charge or do anything, not even turn on. THe month before this happened, I noticed that the battery would slowly be diminishing, and it would say "XX%, plugged in, not charging". ALso the laptop wouldn't work without being plugged in, even though the battery was still at whatever %.

    Has this happened to anyone of you guys before? What did you do to fix it?

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    That wouldn't explain why before the battery died it wouldn't run without the charger :/

  3. Default Re: Laptop Power Kablooie

    Then it might be a connection issue between the battery and the charging port?

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    It looks like you need either a new battery or a new charger. I'm more inclined to think it's the charger, however. Have you tried just buying a new charger?

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    This happened to me, it's a problem with the charger. Usually they last about a year or two before eventually not working.

  6. Default Laptop Power Kablooie

    Mine's lasted 4 but it all has to do with wear and tear. If you're not protective of it it'll break like mine did.

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    I'm almost 1100% sure it's your powerjack not the supply itself. Asus ones are notorious for coming loose after wear and tear. If you're brave you can re-solder it back on the laptop mobo.

    Here's a general idea of what you'll be dealing with.



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