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Thread: Blacksmith

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    Default Blacksmith


    Main weapon is two handed blunt weapons, with the obvious main stat of STR.
    It has the equipable second weapon in 3nd job onwards; anvil.

    I'm posting up to 3rd job. I don't want to do 4th job just yet because I'm not sure how balanced this is so far. So I'd rather wait for criticism beforehand. Feel free to post suggestions, nerfs, buffs or any errors I've made.

    It's meant to be based on buffs rather than attacks, which is why they don't get any aside from 1st job until they reach 4th job.

    Anvil - Warrior
    Req Level: 60
    HP: 500
    MP: 500
    WDEF: 50
    MDEF: 50
    STR: 5
    0 slots
    Equipable by Blacksmith Only

    Tradesmith (III)
    Grand Smith (IV)

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    Default Re: Blacksmith

    Well I'm all for any job that helps weapons that's not commonly used. x 100



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