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    My connection is starting to disconnect after using it for awhile. At first I thought it was maple, but then I went on league of legends and the same thing happened. This happened earlier this year, and I felt like it only happened late at night or after using it too much. Now when I play any games or sometimes go on youtube it happens. A yellow triangle with an exclamation pops up over my wireless bars, and then I have to disconnect and reconnect to continue. :c


    Windows 7 btw

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    I have this problem sometimes also, you have to right click that triangle, press troubleshoot, then choose other problems or something along those lines,
    there will be an option to use a specific network adapter, check the option all network adapters and it'll fix it temporarily, that's all I can really help with ._.

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    Disconnected 3 times in these 24 minutes. :c
    I'll try that next time I guess. Might as well go on youtube and wait for it.. Wai does this have to start when I'm off school. WAI. ; - ;

    Troublleshoot did it's thing, hopefully it'll work. ; - ;

    EDIT: Ended up disconnecting later, F3

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    Check to make sure your computer isn't overheating. Is anything else slowing down?

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    Computer isn't overheating, and nothing is slowing down. After I tried what moldy said a second time, it hasn't dc'd for a while. Other tips just in case would be nice.

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    Try uninstalling your Wifi drivers. Also try restarting your router or upgrading it's firmware if you haven't.

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    Disable all network adapters except the one in use. If for some reason it's trying to use a virtual driver (Like something Hamachi or a similar application would install) to connect randomly, it would cause issues because it wouldn't be able to create a connection.

    In my opinion, it's good practice to disable Sound/Video/Network drivers and devices that are never in use (Like a Digital Audio Driver when you don't have speakers that support it), because sometimes random crap installs itself and then Windows gets confused. I believe this could potentially be the case here.

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    One day I decided to reset my router for the 3rd time, and since then it hasn't dc'd. pomegranates weird like that

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    Does this only happen at home? Try to see if it happens a friend's house, at the library or at a different wifi network. This way you can isolate if it is your router that's causing the problem.

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    Low end Wifi routers do this a lot. Unfortunately if you want stability expect to pay a premium.



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