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    Default Empress Set vs Nova Set?

    I'm divided on which set will give me a greater output. I mainly want to boss so i thought empress sight might be better, but nova set has greater stats. Will the greater stats make up for the 30% boss damage i will be losing or no?

    All my equips are clean because i didnt want to invest on cubing items and another greater set comes out.

  2. Default Re: Empress Set vs Nova Set?

    I've thought about this myself, and decided I was going to just ditch the empress cape, and get an empress shoulder instead when it's out. That way you can still wear a nova belt and cape, and get the 30% boss from the empress set. the nova set does not have an effect.

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    I think it depends on if you can cap on Bosses or not.
    If you can't, then it might be best to keep the Empress set bonus since that 30% increased damage would get you that much closer to capping. You could just do as ^ said and ditch one piece and replace it with a Nova piece while using an Empress Shoulder when we get them.
    If you can, I would ditch Empress and go for Nova. Nova equips become amazing once you enhance them to like 4-5 stars and heavily outweigh the 15 and 30 W.Att/M.Att bonuses from the Empress set.

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    Default Re: Empress Set vs Nova Set?

    also depends heavily on your weapons, now that the new sub-weapons are coming, if you've cubed for a lot of %boss, the bonus from the empress set isn't as big, assumming you have 65% boss on both (40% boss+25% neb), the increase in damage from 30% boss isn't as big (just a 1.13x increase) and this is an "ok-ish" amount of %boss.

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    For me, I'm not really wealthy enough to swap out my fully cubed empress gear for new equips every time something else comes out. I believe it is more economical to just keep what you have.



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