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Thread: [Warrior] Demon Avenger Skill Build

  1. Default Demon Avenger Skill Build

    Demon Avenger

    Demon Avenger uses HP as its primary stat and Strength as its secondary stat. No other stats affect its damage. Autoassign will put all your points into HP. You gain 30 HP per AP. Your damage will be affected by your max HP and remaining HP. It will be at its lowest at 70% HP, and highest at 100% HP. Demon Avenger's Mastery is 20% like all other melee classes.

    The damage formula is approximately:
    [MaxHP / 9 + STR] * 1.3 * WA / 100

    This has been tested to be accurate to within 0.1% at reasonably high levels.
    [CurrentHP / 9 + STR] * 1.3 * WA / 100

    is the damage formula used when HP is below 100% but above 70%. If your current HP is lower than 70%, whatever HP you have at 70% is used instead.

    The Exceed System consists of the following skills:
    Exceed Skills
    Exceed Overload
    Release Overload

    Whenever you use an Exceed Skill, you will gain a buff for that skill, increasing its stage. When you stop attacking, this buff lasts about 10 seconds before disappearing. As long as you keep attacking, this buff will continue to refresh. Using an Exceed Skill five times will increase its stage to its max of 5. The skill will have a purple effect now, and increased effectiveness of some sort. Using a different Exceed Skill will reset the buff for the current Exceed Skill. Thus, you can only spam one type of Exceed Skill at a time.
    Each time you use an Exceed Skill, your Exceed Overload debuff will increase by one stack up to a max of 20. The higher your Exceed Overload debuff, the less HP you will recover from Life Absorb. When you have 20 Overload, you can use Release Overload. This will reset your Exceed Overload debuff, but will also remove any Exceed Skill stage you have. Having Release Overload active is important as it increases your Max HP and thus your damage. It also recovers your HP to full at max level.

    First Job

    Second Job

    Third Job

    Fourth Job

    Hyper Skills

    KMS Names

    Thanks to Fiel for the images, and Locked for being a wiener.
    Thanks to Even for pointing out how Reduce Overload and Shield Chasing - Extra Target work.
    Thanks to Encyclopedic for the cooldown on Forbidden Contract.
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  2. Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    [3:53:40 AM] Danny: I don't give a pineapple nigger
    [3:53:44 AM] Danny: pineapple your demon avenger :(
    [3:53:51 AM] Danny: noob class@@


  3. Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    My most sensible interpretation about Reduce Overload is that it reduces the max Overload count, so basically you have increased HP recovery, and you have more instances of HP recovery... if that is so important to you. But we'll wait for more data, shall we?

    Is 1 point in Defence Break just for that 1% increase in nett damage, or do you feel it's worth it for it's exceptional mob-attacking ability? I don't get the pomegranates and giggles part...


  4. Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    It's to have a green attack that looks weird and is slow.

  5. Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    That is true =.=

    If you could jump-cast it, I might use it for those moving last-hit purposes... but otherwise it's not worth that 1 point really.


  6. Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    I've re-evaluated 2nd job's build since Exceed: Demon Strike has such little benefit from Booster. There is a spam delay that booster doesn't cut from. It also seems to have gotten slower from KMST's values, though it's still stupidly strong and fast compared to other jobs. The movement speed without walking is about 290%.

    I've also added the damage formula.

    Armor Break is very marginally useful if you ever run into more than 4 mobs (like 6+) and you don't want to reset your Execution stage. You're very much more likely to OHKO with Execution, so 2HKO on the group, though, which means you'd need to be able to OHKO with Armor Break for it to be actually useful. It's got good horizontal range so you can use it on stuff you OHKO with it, but that's rare.

  7. Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    Can DA wear Neos items? Like the Top and Bottom?

    What items are they restricted to in the warrior category other than the weapon and shield?

  8. Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build


    Nothing. They ignore stat requirements on Warrior gear.

  9. Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    In your beginner book you have a skill that reduces 1% healing on you drain skill for ever 2 charges on your exceed bar. This means that one you reached 20 charges you drain skill will not work (or rather be very weak), but if you add this hyper skill your max charges will cap at 18 and once you reach that, the healing will still be better than 20 charges. I've found it most useful when Im using non-exceed skills (armor break etc) for the healing effect, since using an exceed skill will just take away more % hp anyway.

    No it doesnt, it only allows you to hit 4 mobs with them instead of 2.

    This is by testing both hypers in EMS, you can ignore this post if you had different results in KMS or already know this from before.

  10. Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    Thank you.

  11. Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    Forbidden Contract has a cooldown of 90 seconds.

    On another note, I'm not sure which hypers to take.
    I was thinking about all Exceed hypers, Refract Evil - Immunity Enhance 2 (what does resistance against elements even do and is it worth picking 1 to get that) and Shield Chasing - Reinforce.

    Any changes or suggestions?

  12. Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    Elemental Resistance reduces damage taken from any damage that is elemental, i.e. not physical. Status Resistance is more important, especially since Demon Avenger can heal itself so easily and damage like that is never that big of an issue to begin with.

  13. Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    notice a small typo in 4th job build, the execution skill goes from 28>20 in the next line

    Other than that, i looked it over, and everything makes sense pretty much. Good job!

    will use for my DA

  14. Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    I noticed how in the summary for 4th job skill build, you have adv. desperado mastery maxed first, then enhance exceed. But in the actual detailed build, you have enhance exceed first, then adv. desperado mastery. Which one is the better (revised?) one?

  15. Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    It should be Mastery before Enhanced Exceed.

    Thanks for pointing that out, it should be fixed now.

  16. Sacred cow Male
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    Guild: Pineapples
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    Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    I don't think adding mw is necessary even if there's no more skills to add
    considering that DA adds all to HP, there's no extra stats at lv 200/250 to add to str.. Renders mw useless.
    Might as well just save your mesos instead of buying the skillbooks ._.

    then again it's just my opinion :x

  17. Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    Thanks! Just wanna say, thanks for all the work you do to guide us. All your work had been tremendous help to us (for me at least), and I've read all your work that you posted on SP. Greatly appreciated and keep up the phenomenal work!

  18. Helium Atom Straight Male
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    Default Re: Demon Avenger Skill Build

    As a P hyper build, I prefer:

    All Enhanced Exceed hypers
    Refract Evil - Immunity Enhance 1
    Shield Chasing - Reinforce (or any of the three, really. I just prefer more damage)

    Also, this is going to be updated with GMS names, no?

    I've got them.

    Armor Break > Nether Slice
    Shield Chasing > Nether Shield
    Bloody Imprison > Bloody Prison

    I believe those are the only 4th job skills changed.



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