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    Alright so I have no idea what is going on. Randomly YouTube will just decide to load videos faster than they can play and for some reason right now it can hardly load a 720p video at all.

    I know lots of people have had this problem with gayT&T but I've never been able to find a good solution.

    Help :(

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    Probably could just be the buffering, or the read speed on your HDD

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    Explain why this randomly happens then. I never have anything more than dropbox or iCloud open in the background at a time anyways...

    I have an ASUS k53sv-xr1 if you're wondering specs...

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    It depends on what video you're watching. Obscure videos that no one watches take longer to cache.

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    I figured out my problem was in Chrome settings I had a proxy set to auto detect. I don't have a proxy which made everything take a while to load.

    glad it's fixed. Thanks for the input.



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