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  1. Default Xenon Damage Formula

    Xenon is a unique class. It uses 3 stats instead of the typical two that most classes do. Granted, daggers do follow a similar formula in which it's 1.3(4*LUK+STR+DEX)*WeaponAttack/100, but this class is new and definitely not a dagger.

    M = Multiplier
    A = Primary Stat, B = Secondary Stat, C = Tertiary Stat

    Formula predictions:

    The first problem, finding out what the primary stat is.
    A regular level 10 Xenon begins with 20 STR, 20 DEX, 20 LUK. There are 5 Energy, which ends up in supposedly, 10% All Stat. Then with the link skill you have +5% all stat. The brace gives +2 all stat, ending up in 22*1.15 = 25.3 stat as seen in the screenshot. This could have also been (20*1.15)+2, and it's more likely the former.

    The character has 11 blessing, the weapon is 18 attack for ATT = 29. Before we do any extensive calculation, it should be noted that Xenon's base mastery is 20% (28/144).

    After leveling for a bit, we had become level 13 and added 5 AP into STR, DEX, and LUK in that order respectively.
    5 AP Test #1

    Based on these images, you can see that adding 5 LUK actually influenced the damage range slightly higher (12 vs 11 range added)

    Since all things in MapleStory are floored, the all stat boost from the link skill and the Energy orb is actually the former (A+Boosts)*AllStat, because (25*1.15)+2 = 30.75, which is floored to 30. Compared to (25+2)*1.15 = 31.05 which is floored to 31 which is what is being displayed.

    After leveling a bit more, we added 5 SP into Multi-Lateral and 20 SP into Incline Power. Multi-Lateral 2 would give 10% total damage boost if you receive 40 LUK/STR/DEX or more. Incline Power gives you All Stat, and as you can infer the purpose of this test is to see if passives would count for Multi-Lateral rather than it being a base stat.

    As you can see from the screenshot, we haven't added any AP yet.

    Refer back to the original screenshot given, we had 72 total avoid and the number was in red, stating that something was causing an increase in avoid. Weapon avoid is formally defined by the formula (Unless it has changed within the past year, though I doubt it did. Only thing that changed within that period is the way avoid itself works.):

    Avoid = 0.2STR + 0.6DEX + 1.4LUK.

    72 = (0.2(25) + 0.6(25) + 1.4(25))*X + 11 (Blessing)
    72 = 55x+11
    61 = 55x
    x = 1.10x

    Which means that Multi-Lateral would give you 10% avoid in the regular situation. Going back to the original image however, we see that after our +10 all stat endeavour from Incline Power, we have a total of 113 Avoid, or 102 without blessing.

    102 = (0.2(42)+0.6(42)+(1.4(42)*X
    102 = 92.4x
    x = 1.10x

    This concludes the fact that Multi-Lateral is not affected by all stat bonuses and is exclusive to the base of your stats only.

    After leveling a bit more, we ended up going through the same 5 AP test again in the same exact order (STR, DEX then LUK).
    AP Test #2

    This followed a similar pattern, this time STR boosted the range by 13, DEX boosted range by 11, and LUK boosted range by 12. Since the difference isn't that big due to the nature of damage formulas being 4*A+B+C, meaning that it would take at least 4 of B or 4 of C to equal at least 1 of A gone missing. It would seem that the stats themselves are equal, leading to a damage formula of M*(4(A+B+C))*ATT/100 = MAX.

    Putting this formula in practice, with our last screenshot we have..

    M*(4(48+48+48))*29/100 = 276/1.1

    M*(576)*29/100 = 276/1.1
    167.04M = 276/1.1
    M = 1.5

    For several classes, a 1.5 Multiplier is normal. However, for completion sake, the Multiplier should there be a primary stat is as follows (it will end up being higher than 1.5 anyway due to the way math works):

    M*(4*48+48+48)*29/100 = 276/1.1
    M*(288)*29/100 = 276/1.1
    83.52M = 276/1.1
    M = 3.00

    As you can see, having a primary stat will be much much higher than what most classes have as a damage formula.

    To confirm my theory, let's go back and use the damage formula on an earlier screenshot that we used to prove that Multi-Lateral is determined by base:

    1.5*(4(42+42+42))*29/100 = 219.24
    Displayed is 240. 240/219.24 ~= 1.10x which reconfirms the fact that Multi-Lateral is based solely on base stat only.

    For completion sake, I asked for one more screenshot with jumbled values.

    Using the damage formula we conceived here:

    1.5*(4(48+51+57))*29/100 = 271.44 * 1.1 = floor(298.5) = 298, which is true.


    Damage Formula for Xenon:


    Multi-Lateral does not take into consideration your all stat bonuses. It considers base stat only.

    The All Stat% bonuses for Xenon are applied after all bonuses, just like potential.

    That is all.

    Credit goes to @Zelkova; for taking the SSes for me.

    Rest goes to me for figuring this stuff out I guess.
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  2. Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    You're still a wiener.

    Do you know if Multi-Lateral and all that other total damage garbage stacks properly on the displayed range or is it bullpomegranate like Angelic Buster where it tells you +100% damage doubles your range?

  3. Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    So basically, You can put evenly into Str, Dex, and Luk, and it won't matter?

  4. Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    I think yeah, but if you're funded heavy on %luck going with a higher base luck would benefit you more.
    Or you could level them evenly and just get a mishmash of str Dex and luck potential

    Easiest class to cube for ever
    Instead of going for all stat just get whatever.

  5. Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    Only if all you want is avoid.

  6. Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    Well for damage, if you have 300% luck, clearly adding luck will result in a higher range increase than adding Dex or str

    You can build your char for what you.have.

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    Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    he just said that multilateral is only affected by base stats, so going pure would mean losing 50% damage.

    a couple questions:
    does the %damage show in your range or not? (pretty much what joetang asked)
    and allstat% works additively or multiplicatively with %allstat potential? guess we'll have to let zelkova level to check that out.

  8. Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    %damage does show in the range. @JoeTang; was asking if it worked like Angelic Buster and Mercedes, which the answer is a likely yeah. Angelic Buster and Mercedes have %total damage buffs that affect the range but are actually additive to the potential such as %boss and %total damage rather than multiplicative.

    As for your second question, I'm going to say it's a safe bet it probably is additive.

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    Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    e-ww, i hate that crap range thing, and thanks for the answers.

  10. Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    You only need 260 in each stat, so 256 stats used, assuming 4/4/4/4, for Multilateral 5, though, right? So that still leaves you 237 points left, plus the 9 left from the 25 stats you have at level 1, so you have 246 points left to spend, and it would be wise to spend those in whatever you have more % stat of.

  11. Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    Thanks Locked. Oh my... this brings us to a slightly interesting situation for eq. that adds e.g. 20 to all stats... %all is needless to say, although in which case %luk, %dex or %str wouldn't make a difference anymore (generally speaking). +15all is as good as having approx. 3 times the usual +stat for a conventional class. This is going to get real OP... I mean... wtp is this weapon multiplier of 1.5???

    In short, Zak helm and related +(%)all ftw. All your eq. that adds +all stuff are going to get really more valuable.

    /edit: ^I'd add into LUK for the increased avoid.


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    Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    going with hadriel, i'd add it to luck, and dear lord, dominators, CHTP's, CPB suit and helmet... helysium/tyrant equips...

    this thing gun' be good...

  13. Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    Oh dang I forgot about how CPB equips are going to be extremely good for Xenon.

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    Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    the set effect is terribad though, i'm thinking a thief top+bottom scrolled with some event scrolls that give +3 all stats would be better.

    unless you ofc... posichaosed the crap out of the attack.

  15. Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    pineapple yeah, math!

    That total damage is insane. .__.

  16. Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    If my understanding is right, it looks like getting weapon attack would be more beneficial to this class than getting all-stats (relative to an "old" class getting w.atk vs. primary stat), since there's no 4x multiplier for any one stat and %all is harder to come by, even if it does give 65% naturally.

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    Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    there is 4x though, it just multiplies them all by 4 instead of only one.

  18. Default Re: Xenon Damage Formula

    Oh derp. I had a dumb.

    Looks like Tyrant gear is going to be INSANE on this guy. May as well just wear a GM hat and call it a day.

  19. Default Xenon Damage Formula

    I anything it seems like weapon attack would have 3x the damage increase ratio between stat:w.att vs any other class. Most likely the single easiest job to hit 50m damage cap to date given the 17-18m hits on the ultimate in tespia.



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