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  1. Default Migration Completed

    Use this thread to report any issues you find since migration.

    As with any large endeavor bits and pieces may still catching up.

    Found and fixed so far -
    • Registration error with the captcha
    • XML issue with the nexon announcements
    • Signature issues.
    • Email from server potentially not working. (Should be working after 10 am central)
    • Database dropping connnection periodically. (A second one of this was found and adjusted)
    • Nexon Announcements working again.
    • Patch notices working again
    • Status working again. Bera's first two channels moved, working on it.

    Reported & In progress -
    • None

    Reported & Waiting Confirmation of Resolution -
    • None
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  2. Default Re: Migration Completed

    Rather strange, but I can't access the first page of this thread:

    Gives 'Database error" message

  3. Default Re: Migration Completed

    Clear your cashe on your browser and it fixes any problems.

  4. Default Re: Migration Completed

    Can you confirm it's stopped doing that now?

  5. Default Re: Migration Completed

    Yes, I can access that page now. Thanks

  6. Default Re: Migration Completed

    I feel like there might be some performance issues...

  7. Default Re: Migration Completed

    The site is eating avatars left and right. One second Unicorns had an avatar, now they don't. I lost mine but I quickly replaced it. I've tried cache refreshing.

  8. Default Re: Migration Completed

    It's far too soon to try testing that considering we're in the midst of software installs and upgrades, domain propagation, re-spidering and who knows what else.

    Let the poor site find it's level before you try to measure it.

    I've not seen any of that.

  9. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 232
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    Default Re: Migration Completed

    Has Notify been disabled?
    It failed to pick up the latest Unscheduled Maintenance announcement.



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