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  1. Default Skill Activation and Vertical Range

    One interesting thing I noticed while leveling my Kaiser is that I could make Blade Burst hit both platforms of Aliens if I jumped and held the skill key. This is odd because 1.) the skill requires you to be on the ground to use it, and 2.) if you're on the ground, you can't hit both platforms.

    My best guess is that key repeat kicks in and somehow activates the skill some time before you graphically land (theoretically faster than a human could mash the key). This is possible if the game performs physics, processes input, and then renders the scene in that order. Physically, the game has determined that your character is on the ground, but it hasn't shown you yet. Iff the skill effect is instantiated at the render position of the character as opposed to the physical position, the skill could be activated at a location higher than the ground, possibly explaining this phenomenon.

    Has anyone noticed this with any other skills?

  2. Default Re: Skill Activation and Vertical Range

    Hmm.. I've been using this for a long time now. Basically, all that matters is where your character (or dragon, for Evan) is when you press the skill key (or release it, for charging skills).

    I remember using it a lot when charging a CSK and releasing it at the peak of a jump in order to "teleport" upwards.

  3. Default Re: Skill Activation and Vertical Range

    This used to be the trick when training with Ultimates at Skeles back before BB. It can be augmented by setting the skill on a macro.

  4. Default Re: Skill Activation and Vertical Range

    This 'mechanic' is like the whole trick of playing an Evan when you can't reach a certain platform with your attack.

  5. Default Re: Skill Activation and Vertical Range

    Evan is different though. The attacks originate from the dragon and not the character. The reason you can do these things with Evan is because the dragon lags behind you a bit when you jump or fall.



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