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    1. In KMS, Wing Beat has a spam delay of approximately 1500ms, while it has an attack delay of 720ms. This means that you can only use Wing Beat once every 1500ms; however, Wing Beat (Command) and Wing Beat are two different skills so they do not interfere with each others' spam delays. This means you can use Wing Beat -> Dragon Slash -> Dragon Slash -> Wing Beat (Command) -> Wing Beat without the spam delay interfering.
    In GMS, Wing Beat (Command) is activated without using Dragon Slash.

    Can you use Wing Beat -> Wing Beat (Command) without the spam delay stopping you?
    Can you use Wing Beat (Command) -> Wing Beat -> Wing Beat (Command) -> Wing Beat without the spam delay stopping you?

    2. In KMS, Dragon Barrage has a spam delay of approximately 1920ms which is used for Dragon Barrage -> Dragon Barrage, and Dragon Barrage -> Piercing Blaze. Dragon Barrage (Command) does not have a spam delay to itself, but has the spam delay when used with Piercing Blaze.. Is this still true in GMS?

    3. In KMS, Piercing Blaze has a spam delay of approximately 1800ms which is used for Piercing Blaze -> Piercing Blaze and Piercing Blaze -> Dragon Barrage. This spam delay is not used for Piercing Blaze -> Dragon Barrage (Command). Is this spam delay there for Piercing Blaze -> Piercing Blaze (Command) and any other such combinations?

    4. In KMS, the Morph Gauge is 100 + 300 + 600. Is it the same in GMS?

    5. In KMS, Tempest Blades charges Morph Gauge for each target it hits. Is this the same in GMS? Does this apply to Tempest Blades (Command)?
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    Wing Beat disappears from your command bar when you hit 4th job. That's all I can really tell you since I never really used wing beat on my hotkeys in 3rd job.

    Edit: Dragon Barrage also has a delay, both the command and the skill itself. I've tried using them both one after another and it just doesn't work. At doesn't as far as I remember.

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    I'd assume Wing Beat disappearing is a glitch. I've added another two questions.

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    Unfortunately it's not. Your commands change every job to accomodate your new skills. In first job it's just Flame Surge. In 2nd job you lose Flame Surge as a command and get Piercing Blaze and Impact Wave as commands. In 3rd job you get Wing Beat and Pressure Chain, losing the 2nd job skills. Then in 4th job you get Blade Burst, Gigas Wave, and Dragon Barrage. You don't keep all of them since they use the same key combinations. Like how Wing Beat AND Gigas Wave are attack, direction facing, and up.

    And..Tempest Blades charge? I have never seen Tempest Blade do anything related to a charge. All three/five of them just rush at the enemy and do damage.

    As for the charge meter. I didn't know there was a numerical value for it. All I've noticed is that lower stages charge quicker depending on the job commands. The 1st stage charges almost immediately in 4th job, but it takes forever in 1st job. And so on.

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    Tempest Blades charge 20 Gauge each monster they hit. The first orb will be fully charged after hitting 5 monsters with Tempest Blades, or 1/5th charged after hitting one monster.

    What are the exact key combinations for Command then?

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    Uh...Flame Surge is direction and up. (I think? I haven't been first job Kaiser in a while)

    I'm pretty sure Piercing Blaze is direction and down, with Impact Wave being direction and up. They might actually be swapped? (I did 2nd job in like a day, so I really can't remember.)

    Wing Beat is direction, up and attack.. Pressure Chain is direction,down, and attack.

    Blade Burst is left + right with attack.

    Gigas Wave is direction, up, and attack.

    Dragon Barrage is direction, down and attack.

    I don't think Tempest Blades actually has a command. It doesn't in 4th job at least. If it does have a command I don't remember using it, and it means that you lose the command in 3rd and 4th job.

    I'm not in a place I can play the game, so I can't actually confirm the Tempest Blade charging the morph gauge in GMS/EMS.

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    You can select what skill you put in command, so just drag it to the comand UI.

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    Wait, seriously?

    I legitimately had no idea you could do that. o_o

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    The command combinations are whatever you choose them to be. And to answer your question Joe, you cannot wing beat (command)-->Wingbeat(hotkey), the spam delay is still present.



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