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  1. Default Maplestory "secret story"

    So Nexon is making an official fanbook with the heroes. From what i was reading up about it, it's going to have some nice "secret stories." I really haven't found much info on due to allergies all day.

    So I shall leave this thread up by saying this:
    They finally set the heroes up to spell MAPLE.

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    Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    I would rather see aran as a woman.
    Besides 4 on 1 ?

  3. Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    They really have problems with Aran's gender being consistent...

    I mean, just choose a damn one already and retcon it in.

  4. Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    Maybe the book will address the issue of Aran's gender?

  5. Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    Maybe the book will actually make sense and not this "oh you dont exist when talking to other heroes" nonsense...

    I also hope they have updated storyline etc with this.

  6. Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    Well this might be a way for Nexon to finally set Aran's gender cannonly, and looks like it will be male.

    I've always thought that Evan fits WAYYYY better as female than Aran. He already looks kinda femenine and all.

  7. Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    Well, except for Aran, I wish they were flip-flopped so that Merc was a dude, Phantom a gal, etc. -- so that's neither of us seein' their dream lineup here :P I wonder if this will be having an English version as well?

    Aran is bigender and presents hirself according to however zie feels that day. Problem solved.

  8. Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    Or... you know...
    (bring your eye bleach, you have been warned.)

  9. Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    This is your idea of eyebleach-needing? If it were any more innocuous my eyeballs would fall asleep.

  10. Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    Maybe it's because a friend drew this meeting my needs of eye bleach.
    And to be a smarta'ss

    And then I had friends that were A-okay with this.....

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    Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    O_o I want... lol I'll need it in English though :P

  12. Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    If this ever gets translated to English I'm so on it. Come on Nexon, think of your non-Korean fanbase!

  13. Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    Stop thinking so small and thinking Aran should just have one gender. After all when Aran came out the creation icon had both the male and female in it.

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    Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    the only problem conceptually is the fact that both being existence as only 6 fought the black mage(5 heros + DS) and whether or not arans place in that spot was male for female, unless you decide that there are like 6 heroes if you assume both is real.

  15. Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"


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    Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    which goes with my statment that aran is from the planet memorze

  17. Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    I was thinking more along these lines:


  18. Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    Actually, the answer is far more complex than either of those.

  19. Default Re: Maplestory "secret story"

    The retail price in that poster says 16,000 won, which is roughly $16 USD (or ~$15 with the fluctuating won:USD ratio lately).



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