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    Default Time to grow up, kids

    David Wong wrote a fantastic piece, published on Cracked today, that I think everyone should read.

    And discuss!

  2. Default Re: Time to grow up, kids

    I <3 cracked.

    David Wong is one of the more inspirational comedy writers, him and Cheese write very engaging pieces.

    I remember once that I was considering suicide and the only thing that kept me alive was this article.

    I'd been visiting cracked for two years at this point and it just solidified my love for the site even more.

  3. Default Re: Time to grow up, kids

    Fantastic read.

    Really motivated me for what I'm going to do next year and keep it up at a constant pace, though I'm already starting the change now, slowly getting used to it. There are a lot of things mentioned in that article that I already know, but seeing a wall of text from someone always is reassuring and just boosts my confidence.

    Decision's been made, time for action.

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    I also finished reading Perks of Being a Wallflower today, which kind of supports the point he was trying to make. This definitely helped things.

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    Default Re: Time to grow up, kids

    Very interesting read! I like his humor =)

    Thanks for sharing sir!



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