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  1. Default Sega 80 Pack Classic Game Console

    Has anyone tried these out yet? (found review here)

    I saw it for 40 dollars at family dollar, instantly reminded me of playing sega games as a kid. I haven't tried it yet but I'm waiting to.

    The review states that only about 40 of the 80 games are old sega titles, the rest are fillers basically, but the originals they do have I'd love to play again, and try some I didn't get a chance to as a kid.

    Thoughts on this? Cheers, jeers? t

  2. Default Re: Sega 80 Pack Classic Game Console

    Only 40 dollars? Buy it now.

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    Default Re: Sega 80 Pack Classic Game Console

    Ehh, no thanks. I prefer playing them on my Genesis model 1 as well as RetroN3.

    or on my Computer since I have basically 50 Mega Drive games on Steam.



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