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  1. Default Questions on arcane pitch

    The first part where it says 'ignore monster def'

    1. Is this the same as pdr?
    2. How much does it ignore?
    3. Does the amount of def ignore goes up along with skill level?

  2. Default Re: Questions on arcane pitch

    It gives two different kinds of Defense Ignore stats and yes, it changes depending on the skill level.
    At max level, it gives 40% Ignore DEF (the same you get with potential), and the ability to ignore 100% of the Enemy's Resistance (at Hilla, for example, you'll do basically the same damage you would to at a normal monster, instead of having a drastically reduced damage).

  3. Default Re: Questions on arcane pitch

    Thanks, it's so confusing that the %number of def ignore is missing from the in game description.



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