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Thread: Drop rate nerf

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    I remember something in one of the countless revamps that made it so when you're 11(?) levels above the monster you're hunting, your drop rate is nerfed by a certain amount.
    Q1: Is this still the case and Q2: What are the accurate numbers?

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    The nerf actually starts at 6 levels above. 11 levels above is when you effectively receive nothing except potions, ETC drops, and special quest items. I don't have the precise numbers, though.

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    Not sure about Global but it was 6 levels at first for MSEA before it was switched to 11 levels.

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    On Global it should be 11 levels or higher and all you get is ETC, potions, quest items and I think rarely equips, scrolls, familiar cards, and such. But to my knowledge mesos are completely gone by 11 levels higher. That is until you get to... 160+? I think it is. Then after that any monster above that level counts as "within your range" even if you are 11 levels higher.

    I do believe though once you start going over the monsters level drop rate for that monster is slowly lowered until you hit that 11 level mark.

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    Monsters levels 150 and above/bosses do not have the drop rate nerf applied to them.

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    Yep. The nerfing starts at 6 above, then increases until 11 above, at which point you're out of luck (unless the monster's above 150 -- I always forget that, haha).

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    pineappleing sucks, I was hunting big spider familiar cards, got 1 after a few hours ;-;

    And derp, I was all like 'Why aren't mesos dropping?'.

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    I think I've heard that familiar cards aren't subject to the droprate nerf in any case? It's just bad luck (and a lowish droprate to begin with). I've been hunting Mutant Snail for almost two levels (160-162), always on a minimum of 1.5x (sometimes 3x) -- and I've only gotten one card. Definitely nothing to do with the nerf in my case.

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    Yeah familiars have nothing to do with the drop rate change.



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