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    Hi everybody and thanks for reading this post and leaving your comments in advance, I need help on deciding a few things for my future kaiser.

    IGN- I have 4 Choices ATM and need help choosing one


    And Equipment wise where to move on with upgrades,

    Sword- 210 Atk 1 Slot Epic 21% PDR Neb 6 Star (finish to 10 Star?) (245-255 atk?)
    Cape- 19 atk 2 Slot 2%Neb Legendary 3Line atm
    Glove- 12% str 46 atk SE Neb 9 Star (want decent SI)
    Earrings- 18% Str 2%Neb Uni 5 Slots

    Thanks again for the help.

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    I can only assist with the IGNs and say that AFinalDream sounds most fitting for Kaiser.

  3. Default Re: Help on Kaiser Stuff

    The first three are ridiculous, the last is pretty good. I trust you have them on reserve?

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    Yeah all on reserve, friends on bl and guild made it all a draw on the ign lol need more opinions

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    I've got a real dumb name for mine.




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