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    Hello fellow Southperrians,

    I'm in the market for a pair of new gaming headphones. My current Turtle Beach x11's suck major D after the 3 years I've owned them and now make an ominous hissing noise. Aaaaanyways I want a headset with a mic, of course, and also surround sound. I really like realistic sounds, not heavily modified if you get what I mean. Ermm... I don't really know how to explain that... I do enjoy heavy bass though for dubstep and other things.

    I have around 150$-ish to spend but I'm constantly making money off eBay so who knows. The car fund can wait this month ;)

    I've been looking at the Sennheiser PC 323D, which looks sexy in all ways. It even comes with a USB sound card which is cool because then I could use it for PS3 as well.

    I was also looking at Astro A40 but they are way too expensive... And my friend told me the microphone blows...

    Do any of you own it or have tried it before? How would you rate the quality of sound and the microphone?

    If you don't have it;

    What headphones are you using now? Do they sound orgasmic? What would you recommend to me?

    Also if anyone knows where to get them cheap feel free to let me know.

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    This is my current set

    I have purchased them for Shikage as well. They're solid, sound beautiful, feature Dolby, and are cheap. I love them.

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    A good set of headphones and a mic would be the best way to go or you could try here or here

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    I was considering buying just a blue snowball or maybe a yeti and a headset w/ out a mic but the mic on the headset is much more convenient.

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    If you go that route, keep in mind that a condenser mic is a very sensitive device, as it picks up EVERYTHING. For example, if you are located close to a wall you'll get feedback. My Blue Yeti sounds beautiful, but that pomegranate will pick up if the toilet flushes 4 walls, 2 doors, and 30 feet away.

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    I'm about 3 feet from where the mic would be sitting, and sadly it is next to a wall. XD It will pick me up fine leaning back in my chair though right?

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    There will be a lot of background noise due to it being next to the wall. Hearing you isnt a big deal, because those types of mics can pick up noise from very far distances.

    I recommend putting a condenser mic probably 2-3 feet away from a wall.

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    Cant believe those still exist.

    If you were interested in getting them Tristan, Amazon has it for 14 dollars cheaper.

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    The headphones I currently use are Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Alpha. It has both jack & USB connection, you can remove the microphone & the cord doesn't tangle. I'm sure its not the "best" out there but I quite like it.

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    I was thinking about this Corsair headset since Corsair has been good to me lately and I'd like a nice headset that'd actually cup my ears. Historically, though, I've just bought cheap Logitech headsets wherever I found them since they seem to be of good quality and don't randomly break like some of the more expensive electronics I've owned.

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    I have the Sennheiser PC360 and I love them. I recommend them if you've got the money.

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    I got this headset for christmas! It's really good. Definitely recommended, the sound quality is amazing and the microphone is great too.

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    My 2 cents:

    If you plan on doing a lot more with your headphones, I suggest you check out the Sony Pulse.

    For a while now, I was using Denon AH-D2000s, with a logitech microphone, but I just got these headphones for Christmas, and they are amazing.

    In terms of comfort, I would give them a 7.5/10 for extended use, but the quality on them is outstanding. Plus, they are one of the only headphones that have extremely, extremely pronounced bass.

    Here's my list of pros/cons for them:

    • Relatively cheap.
    • Extremely satisfying sound (with pumping bass).
    • 7.1 surround sound (only on PS3, though).
    • Wireless, with a decent charge.
    • Built-in mic (I haven't used this, so I'm unsure of the quality).
    • Did I mention the bass? Because it's unbelievably satisfying.
    • Very good at noise canceling.

    • Can get a little tight, and uncomfortable with extended use.

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    Default Re: PC Gaming Headset?

    Two headphones you shouldn't buy although they both seem to be out of your price range - but i'd thought i'd put my 2 cents in since they both piss me off

    Logitech G35/G930

    They break at the swivel point I've had two they have amazing sound and mic quality they are also tight if you have a big head - but the ear cavity's are large so that was good.

    razer tiamat 7.1

    Small ear cavity's is super annoying and they are very tight on my head. that said fanpineappleingtastic sound 7.1 non-emulated if im not mistaken - you gotta have a dedicated sound card though.

    Both suck huge donkey balls during hot weather.

    nuff said.

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    Jen owns the G930's and I dont really like them too much. They're wireless which is okay, but I dislike the small ear cup.

    I was going to purchase the Tiamat 7.1 set, but they were sold out since I was purchasing at launch. I am happy I did not purchase them.

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    Here's my advice to you all: DO NOT BUY 5.1/7.1/SURROUND SOUND HEADSETS. They use smaller pomegranatety quality speakers (drivers) to try and replicate surround sound and you give up on actual quality. Get stereo headsets that have better quality and use an surround sound amp. You're overpaying for a gimmick and not actual quality.

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    I use a SteelSeries Siberia v2, it's very comfy, has good sound, blocks noise pretty well, has a pull-out adjustable mic, and costs $70. Highly recommend.

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    Would you mind showing an example of a surround sound amp? I just have one of these guys.



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