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  1. Default A couple of Luminous questions

    1. Does Memorize put you on the opposite side that you started on after use? For example, if you use it as Dark, do you end up as Light as you would normally after Equilibrium? If yes, would that make it worthwhile to actually use Equilibrium now as you'd be able to off-set some of the lost damage by skipping Dark and returning to Light?

    2. Arcane Pitch in GMS functions as an Elemental Reset removing the Physical attribute of Luminous's skills, right?

  2. Default Re: A couple of Luminous questions

    1. Yes it does. It works exactly like Equilibrium. All that skill does is more or less lets you skip the charging on the gauge and go into Equilibrium instantly once in a while.

    2. Yup, the 100% Elemental Resistance Ignore on Arcane Pitch works exactly like Elemental Reset/Decrease from other Mages.

  3. Default Re: A couple of Luminous questions

    For number 2, now I know why I did normal damage at Hilla.



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