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  1. Default Special advisory. About the owner of Omok tournment and other websites.

    First of all I would like to apologize if this is the wrong place to post this thread. If I broke any rules for posting this as well I apologize too. I am just getting this out through all the major Maple websites. As this is a concern to anyone that does business with Dill Morales. A TLDR will be posted at the bottom. In case you do not want to read the whole story.

    I'll make this short as possible for you all. I did not want to begin posting this as Dill seems like a really cool guy and he had helped me a bunch. However, recently due to some reasons I haven't heard from him. Basically what happened is me and him were going to work on a another MapleStory project but problems started to arise and next thing you know Dill seem to have put the work on hiatus. Now he claims the reason he isn't helping me with the website for now is due to the recently tragedy of hurricane Sandy. That he was left with out power and couldn't reach the internet. Which is reasonable and which is why I gave him a load of time before I started to make posts about this issue.

    The main reason why this is such an issue and why I am making an alert about it is to advise everyone who decides to work with Dill to be aware of what you are getting yourself into. Now I am not saying that Dill is a scammer or anything like that. In fact he isn't and he is a great person to work with. I myself made the mistake of taking care of the financial issues for this project and letting him go about doing it for me. What the plan was that I was going to make the payments for this project and he was going to start out with the blogs and combining his website to mine. Then from there we can create something very good from it.

    However, things started to get ugly and he ended up stop replying to my mails and it seems that he isn't replying via twitter as well. Also whenever I had an issue and wanted to talk to him about this and why isn't any of this project being done. He started to get angry and cussing me out through mail. Trying to put all this all on me and saying I am selfish for not thinking of him. I given him much time as this project is going on about 4 months now. He hasn't replied back since and now I am not sure whether he decided to quit this project and screw me over by making me pay for something and not getting the project finished, or if something terrible really happened to him.

    If something terrible did indeed happen then I apologize for making these advisories. Dill just needs to realize that even if something is wrong or he has no time to do this anymore. That I need to know as we are partners. I so far ended up paying for everything and nothing is been done about it. Also him getting angry at me in every reply back shows me that something isn't right here. That he isn't in trouble but is trying to think of excuses to not do this project anymore. Since he did tell me he was thinking of just doing his websites instead.

    Partners no matter what should be treated with respect. Especially ones that are pulling the most work and paying the financials of the project. So in the end he is in fault and this is why I am warning everyone who decides to do business with him to be cautious of what you are getting yourself into. He isn't a scammer. This was my fault for trusting him and I am not asking for any remorse or things like that. I am just getting the word out as I do not want anything like this to happen to anyone else.

    TLDR: Dill owner of Omok tournment, maple-news, maplestories, and other various websites decided to leave me alone in a major project that was going to be made about 4 months ago. Making me pay for everything and getting no replies back from him of his absence. The recent replies I received were all hate mail trying to turn the tables on me. Warning to everyone to be careful when deciding to do business with Dill or Dillzation as he goes by on twitter that you may not get what you paid for.

    Why am I posting this here? To get the word out to everyone about Dill Morales owner of Omok Tournament which I believe was hosted here? If not then it is working with southperry as I believe there was a thread about his tournaments.

    The website we were going to be working on was called mapleabroad. com. It was suppose to be a blog/social network for MapleStory.

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    Default Re: Special advisory. About the owner of Omok tournment and other websites.

    Sounds like a personal issues, bro.

  3. Default Re: Special advisory. About the owner of Omok tournment and other websites.

    I've spoken with Dill before, but never had any sort of project.

    Not sure what the hubub was about this. I kind of wondered how he had so many websites going up all the time, but never thought to ask. I haven't seen him around in a while either.

    Good luck though. Maybe you can turn it around by yourself or something? If you paid for it, you own it.

    See? I'm there!

  4. Default Re: Special advisory. About the owner of Omok tournment and other websites.

    This is not appropriate, nor is it maple related.

    You had a personal issue with someone on a collaborative project. Such is life. There is no need to read things into it, make vague accusations or speculations.

    Hell, I've owed Savage a mockup of a maple news skin for several weeks now that I have just had disaster after disaster and haven't gotten to. I expect if he has an issue with it he'll come to me, not blog it to death pointlessly.



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