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    Angelic Burster

    I have no plans to rehost them to add subtitles at this moment in time, as the videos are available in English already for MapleStory Europe and Global MapleStory. If enough people want me to, however, I might get around to doing it, but I canít give any promises, with how absorbed I am in my brand new Wii U.

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    The voice of Magnus is...odd.

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    Atleast it sounds better than in the GMS video.

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    I actually liked the Magnus voice in this. But that Angelic Burster...

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    Obligatory "I watched the Kaiser video again for the music" comment. Magnus sounds better here but leave it to Japan to somehow make Angelic Buster sound even more obnoxious than before.

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    GMS Buster is probably the best. JMS Buster is going to sound freaking hilarious with ingame voices... I have a feeling it's going to be hilarious :v.

    I'm really liking JMS Luminous and Kaiser though.

    Magnus sounds normal in JMS lol.

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    Magnus sounds much better here. "Oresama, peaches!"
    Though I prefer GMS's Kaiser. If you're wearing a full helmet, you are not gonna sound that clear.

    Angelic Buster...

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    It's like they're all in a contest to see who can make Angelic Buster the most squeaky.

    As if she wasn't already powerful enough, they're trying to turn her VOICE into a weapon!

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    Angelic burster, so much desu..

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    >JMS Magnus

    all of my pineappleing want.

    Glad that it's starting. I can't wait to see Kanna hyper skills.

    Edit: Am I the only one who prefers JMS Burster to ours?

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    I KNEW JMS would make Angelic Buster really anime like. pineappleing love it. I look forward to seeing if JMS do anything special for Angelic Buster. Ya know, since magical girls are kinda their thing.*

    *Chances are it would involve tentacles though. hmm.

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    The voice for Magnus really suits him. Lot better than GMS's Magnus IMO.

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    I've never seen the Angelic Buster video before now and I must say...

    That may be the worst video I've ever seen for JMS, and MS in general. It's SO BAD.

    I wonder how long it will take for us to get Hypers for Kanna and Hayato. I guess it depends on whether we're getting all three sets of content at once or not. They didn't specify any dates on the teaser page...which makes me wonder.

    It wouldn't be the first time they've done that. We got Mercedes and Cannon Shooter on the same patch, and then Demon Slayer like a week or two later.

    As an interesting side note: I guess we're really not getting Mikhail/Mihile. I can't really say that that disappoints me in any way.

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    I think luminous is the best one

    Kaiser and Magnus are nice tho, but KMS are better. disgusting

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    Figures JMS would give AB even more squeaks throughout the video.

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    According to Link's blog, the current patch is releasing Tempest patches 1-3. JMS has finally caught up to us :P

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    Angelic Buster is so great! I knew JMS would do her justice.

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    Nope. Both Uni and I were wrong. The Maple Road dialog mentioned "the last of the legendary heroes" and "the legendary warrior," but we're only getting "the last of the legendary heroes" in this update. @_@

    くぬぎppi : えっと、5人だったかしら?5人目はどんなお方かしら?早くお会いしたいわね。あの新しい戦士様にもお会い してみたいわ
    Kunugippi : Um... There were 5 of them, right? What kind of guy is the 5th one, I wonder? I really want to meet him! I also want to meet that new warrior!

    みずきpom : おお、あの伝説の戦士様のことか。ついに覚醒されたのじゃな。ふぉっふぉっふぉっ。
    Mizukipom : Oh, that legendary warrior, huh? So, he has finally awakened. Hohohoho!

    くぬぎppi : 英雄様や戦士様以外もいろいろ変わるみたいね!
    Kunigippi : It seems a lot will be changing outside the hero and the warrior!

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    Regular Luminous
    Regular Kaiser
    Best Magnus
    Can't say about Angelic burster.

    I mean she is a magic girl, and she is kind of a little girl, that voice fits her concept perfectly although I can say it is enjoyable.

    ALthough I believe it even though GMS's voice acting might be on an even ground in these videos against JMS, in a longer clip with much more voice acting JMS's one would show its superiority.



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