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  1. Desk Straight Male
    IGN: NatsuEliseo
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    Farm: StarWars

    Default Man of Steel Trailer #2

    This looks way awesome.

  2. Interdimensional Rift Straight Male
    IGN: thewatch3r
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
    Job: Lolmaster
    Guild: Contagious

    Default Re: Man of Steel Trailer #2

    Looks good. Me thinks eventually they will run out of people to remake batman and superman, but for now I'm ok with this.

  3. Default Re: Man of Steel Trailer #2

    don't you mean run out of ideas?because I can't think how they can run out of people.

  4. Default Re: Man of Steel Trailer #2

    :( Superman has always been one of the least interesting superheroes, IMHO. But it still looks like it'll be a cool movie.



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