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  1. Default The Last Two Years?

    Hello! I've been away from Maple since around the release of potentials, and was thinking of re-visiting.

    Is there a kind someone that can give me a quick summary of what's new since the release of potentials and the Big Bang? Thanks~

    Also, I keep seeing people talk about an Empress and equips... o.o

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    Wow... an old MCPVixens player.... umm... generally these kinds of threads aren't really allowed? But I'll just direct you over to here...

    The threads in here detail all of the updates we've gotten in recent years. As well as everyone's discussions and theories about them.

    You can also look through this to get a general gist of the most recent updates.

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    Check out the Timelines by clicking on the link at the top of the page (Under the "What's New?" and "Market" buttons).

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    Thanks ^^ So much to read and go through, though >.<

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    Dont do this to yourself



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