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  1. Default Immense lag only when on map with monsters

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    I'm having a pretty serious lag issue on any map where mobs are present. I don't get lag in-town or in the free market, but pretty much the moment I step into a map where monsters are present, I begin lagging as if my connection had died. However, I can still get whispers and buddy chat, I just can't respond to them. I can't use any skills, monsters stop taking damage, my character looks like it's stuck in midair from a non-lagging maple, basically it's as if I'm not sending any information out. I've tried reinstalling, using a different router, different computers (one without any firewalls), and nothing has worked so far. This is on any and every account I have, no matter what level or class. I've been getting it ever since Luminous hit the servers. Basically I can't do anything involving killing stuff without lagging out within minutes. There's a thread on Nexon forums with people having the same issue, here. Anyone else experiencing the same lag?

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    The patch seems to effect each computer differently, even my high end computer is affected by the spawn lag and multi-target attack lag. There's not really anything we can do but hope they try to patch it in the coming weeks. I really hope they don't just try to sweep this one under the rug, because this is seriously affecting a large portion of their playerbase. :\



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