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    So. I'm back. For those of you who don't know, I joined something like a year and a half ago, then stopped coming on. But I'm back.

    So, I have a question about Luminous. Specifically, switching between Sunfire, Eclipse, and Equilibrium. I know Light skills get a buff in Sunfire mode, and vice versa, but is there anything more to it. And how do you go into equilibrium mode? Thanks.

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    Equilibrium is 3rd and 4th job only. You spend a dark/light point to switch modes, and for 10 sec (20 with darkness mastery) you are in equilibrium. You get 100% stance, all skills deal 50% more damage, dark skills use not mp, and light skills heal 1% hp. Also, when in equilibrium you dont have cooldowns on Death Scythe or Ender. I usually use it in LHC, stang in the center platform, and spam scythe until the mobs on the platforms are dead, then kill the remaining few with ender. It is also useful when bossing for 100% stance and ender spam. Unfortunately, switch skill has a long CD (at least 5min). So even if you have the max 5 points you can not spam switch. To switch modes, click the half light/dark star (+) under the Point UI, or you can hot key it, beginner skill.

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    the worst part what i hate about GMS lumi is if you die ..... you lose all you charge....

    here another worst part.... whenever you die ....... or start a new day from login...... your charge is 0

    in order for you to use equalibrium you must charge both light and dark by one point.....

    you cant just charge light one point then u can use ... u gotta charge dark too to one point...

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    When you login you have 1 feather in each (not 0). Choose one of them directly by using a skill on a monster or by selecting the sunfire/eclipse in your beginner skill list. You will go into cooldown mode, but you will be able use equilibrium when the cooldown ends.

    YOu do not need to have BOTH charged to use equilibrium. YOu only need to have 1 point in the opposite of what you currently use. So if am in sunfire, I only need a point in Dark to go to equilibrium and then Eclipse.

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    Thanks, all. Due to my ridiculously slow leveling speed, I hadn't actually reached third job, so i didn't know. So thanks.

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    While training I feel that is easier and most effective to just stuck with whatever element skill you're using the most, using equilibrium just give you a few seconds of really good damage but after that you're stuck with an inefficient way to train due to the long cooldown of it, if you still 1 hko the monster using the unbuffed element skill then use it whenever you have a chance, but that pretty much change when you go to LHC.



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