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  1. Default Training places for 100+?

    Yesterday I got my Luminous to lvl 100 and since this is the first character I have ever gotten to lvl 100 I am not sure where to train. Anyone have some tips for now and future lvls?

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    I believe the quest chain takes you to Ellin Forest around lvl 100. Good for a few levels.
    After that I was at the pirates mini-dungeon for several levels.
    At lvl 115 the quest chain takes you to Golden Temple, which is surprisingly good exp (for Luminous) once you get to the big room with the elephants. Reflection works really well there even though the mobs are 10 or more levels higher.

    Impatient types who ignore quests would probably say stay at aliens until 110 then jump to LHC area.

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    Default Re: Training places for 100+?

    The generic way is to do aliens until 110 and then LHC, but those maps tend to be really populated, so it isn't easy to get a map.

    Derp. I missed that last line where the guy above me mentioned that. Oh well.

  4. Default Re: Training places for 100+?

    Level 1 of reflection is good enough for almost all purposes of mob-based training.

    With good teleporting skills (you have 2!) I've found that Blue Kentaurus work well, along with Blood Harps and Hobis if you feel you're taking too much damage/killing too slowly. Ellin Forest is good, so just follow the questline. Neo City has good EXP too. I then jumped to Red Dragon Turtles, and Dark/Green Cornians. Will be moving to Skele and ToT soon. If you have a party or a guild, go Zak or LHC. Those places I listed are good for solo (Aliens being an obvious answer anyway).




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