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  1. Default Hide-Reply Removal

    Based on general inability to use it correctly or reasonably I'm removing that tag.

    Hide-Vote will be staying, and joining it at some point will be a hide-opinion that works similarly but based on you having not chosen a or for the post containing it.

    Existing uses of hide-reply may or may not remain hidden for a while until the system realizes they don't work any more. It seems 50/50 on whether it removes it or leaves it hidden. I may have to uninstall and reinstall the feature with my changes to make it fully clean up.

  2. Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

    I might've ignored the thread where you introduced that feature so it was always puzzling for me. I was never able to figure the correct/reasonable use of it.
    I mean, what were you expecting from it?

  3. Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

    I think it was for things you didn't want people who weren't registered to see. Can we replace hide reply with hide registered?

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    Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

    promote posting in a thread to see the content.

    people used it to:

    hide content from people who weren't posting in the thread/lurkers

    @above: it takes 5 mins to register.

  5. Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

    That's exactly what it was not for, and one of the idiotic ways people were using it that made it a spammy abusive mess.

    The whole hide thing was part of a suite of hiding tags with various options. I didn't actually want any of them, but extended the suite to add our own hide-vote with intentions to add the hide-opinion at some point rather than reinventing the wheel. hide reply just happened to be the one tag from the suite that i thought might be usable by others and didn't disable. It's intended value was to be used in speakeasy and similar situations where you discuss something, and give you own opinion about it but don't want anyone to see your opinion portion unless/until they've also given theirs, that way they reply to the question/idea/answer first, not your opinion of it. What it became is a spammy game of content hide and seek. ergo, out the window with it.

  6. Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

    Why not block it out of other sections then? Speakeasy and Shenanigans seem a reasonable place to use it.

  7. Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

    Because where it's used has no bearing on how it's used. Limiting the locations you can use it in won't make people any less stupid.

  8. Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal


    Idk, forum features shouldn't have a clear purpose: however someone uses a feature shouldn't be deemed wrong. There can be more than one way to use something.

    And the feature isn't even that intrusive... I just think some people have this irrational hate for the feature and they contribute to the spam by peaching and complaining about it.

    In the end, this is just a strong form of exclusivity that's very easy to bypass but some people just can't handle it for whatever reason. If that's the case, then just get rid of it I guess.

  9. Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

    When there's 4, 5, or even more replies in a row in a thread that contain nothing but "reply to see hidden content" or "this feature is stupid", then either the user isn't using it correctly, or the feature is just that, stupid. It forces a reply, not so that you can hide it from people you deem irrelevant, but so that people can establish an opinion of a subject and say that before evaluating YOUR opinion. It was moreso meant for the speakeasy section, not for you guys to hide your pomegranate from these "invisible lurking hackers".

  10. Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

    I disagree.
    There can be more than one way to use a feature but some of those ways can most certainly be wrong. Features should have purpose. If they're used for different purposes that can be OK, as long as the new purposes aren't negative, but when the overwhelming usage of a feature that was only implemented as a byproduct of something else and left in on the assumption the user base was mature and intelligent enough to know when to and not to use it gets horribly misused more than it's legitimately used it needs to die.

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    Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

    Finally gone. I hate having to post nonsense to read something then leave a completely useless comment behind... It feels just plain wrong to post without having something to say.

  12. Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

  13. Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

    Not claiming that every way to use it is legitimate, just that there are uses outside its intended purpose. However, people will complain about this feature regardless if the usage was legitimate or not. For that reason, then yeah, it needs to die.

  14. Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

    Because of what Eos explained earlier I can assume, from what I've seen, that it wasn't used legitimately that often. At least in the threads I've seen there's no discussion or there's nothing to say on the subject. It's not the feature, it's not the "irrational haters" but the morons who can't use it properly.

  15. Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

    What if you renamed the feature to "Opinion" and made it more clear that it was for opinion use only?

  16. Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

    Still wouldn't make people use it properly so there's no point.

  17. Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

    And nothing of value was lost.

  18. Default Re: Hide-Reply Removal

    I didn't even know this feature existed until I heard complaints about it.

    Happy I didn't miss much.



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