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    I couldn't find a better place to post this so... here it is!

    There's a ton of info here:

    In a nutshell: a series which consist of a middle aged guy playing various oldschool games, trying to finish them within a certain timeframe (the default would be within the day of the filming but there are games that took more than 3 days of work).

    Then there's the twist: he isn't all that good with games. Sure he used to play a lot as a kid but now he just relies on his wits and perseverance (lots of it!) in order to conquer the challenges. It's quite thrilling watching some episodes such as the Prince of Persia or the Lemmings special, for example.

    Then there's various segments in which he goes to play games at different arcades (gamecenters) and try to earn prizes (which are then given to viewers after each episode) or other segments such as trying to sing to lyrics sent by viewers to a certain game bgm, try to finish a weird game by phoning people and asking for tips and hints or even just showcasing many old consoles such as the Game & Watch.

    It's just fantastic. I've known this for a while (way back then when there were only a few episodes fansubbed) but just recently I've tried to catch up with it (and there's a whole lot of them now).

    Here's the very first episode:

    The uploader has a lot more under his account and if he's missing any, there's more on YouTube if you do a search for the episode number (either that or the episode got licensed - dat dub ).

    Highly recommended. Hope you guys like it just like almost every gamer I know does.



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