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Thread: Banned acc

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    Hi guys, my friend was banned today on his mule accs, I was wondering if it's because he logged on too many of them or was it a false ban. Any help would be apreciated.


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    Default Re: Banned acc

    maybe a hacker got to it and got it banned

  3. Default Re: Banned acc

    'What were they doing when the ban incurred?

    And i suggest submitting a ticket regardless

  4. Default Re: Banned acc

    nothing, he just logged for yesterday hot day. I gues it was because all his emails were similar (?)

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    If you log into too many accounts with in a certain time frame you can get banned. That's probably what happened.

  6. Default Re: Banned acc

    might be it, how long is the time frame and do you get perma banned?

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    I thought it was:
    15+ accounts in <x> amount of time = IP ban

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    I don't think it's 15... maybe 20. I've been doing 15 accounts for the hot days and haven't gotten banned or anything.

  9. Default Re: Banned acc

    19. I counted. I don't know the time frame.

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    uh seriously? I've been loggin on 28 accounts for the past 4 hot days within 1 minues, maybe, and no ban. hnnnng

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    Yes seriously. I got ip banned, and had to submit a special form to Nexon about it. I ended up just calling my ISP and getting them to give me a new one.

  12. Default Re: Banned acc

    Thanks for the advice, I'll be more careful now!

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    You can log in 18 accounts an hour, the 19th causes IP ban and all accounts logged in must be reactivted by e-mail from a different IP address. I think it resets on the hour (e.g. 4:00pm), but I haven't tested that extensively.

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    I've never gotten the IP ban, and I have well over 25 accounts for Hot Day, maybe I just got lucky?

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    Either that or you have a Dyanmic IP that changed as you were logging in and out.

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    Super slim odds as most leases are 24 hours, but probably the cause.

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    You can just restart your modem or router. The ban happens to me too and so after restarting it, I'm able to log in again.

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    Can't you also just go into IPConfig and reset your lease?

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    That only handles local network IP's.

    ^^^ Those ^^^

    The one we are talking about is an IP that your modem reaches out to your ISP for every 24 hours typically (depending on if youre dynamic or static.)

    To explain it easier, all of the devices I have listed above me are all seen as "" on the good old World Wide Web, despite there being many devices. This is because was given to me by my ISP, with which my modem keeps for up to 24 hours or whatever it is set to do.

    Typing ipconfig /release just hits your modem/router/whatever is handling DHCP and tells it "Hey, Justin said to drop the local IP!" so you no longer are known to your internal network as When you type ipconfig /renew you might get, or 0.2, or whatever is next in line and is not in use.

    Please let me know if I said something wrong, as I myself am still learning.

  20. Default Re: Banned acc

    Ah, I see. I only just started technical school this year, so I still don't know much about networking at all <_<;



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