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  1. Default Tempest Set VS Current Equipment

    Okay so I was thinking about replacing my Corsair's current gear with the Tempest set since I only have a single piece of the Empress set.

    But, I'm starting to think this isn't worth it and the math is driving me up the wall.

    Corsair Gear:


    Tempest Set:

    So...yeah. I'm really not sure. The potential on the tempest stuff could really give me a boost, and the Tempest set bonus is really nice. But it would require me to change everything except for my weapon.

  2. Default Re: Tempest Set VS Current Equipment

    Simple question: do you have enough money to cube the Tempest eq? If yes, then you shouldn't even be considering Tempest because Empress > Tempest. If no, then don't move.

    And I feverently hope that you realise that Tempest gives only 35 attack, and that 45 attack of yours is a typo.


  3. Default Re: Tempest Set VS Current Equipment

    I don't have the in game money for Empress or the real life money to cube the Tempest. So I'll stick with the current equipment.

    And I didn't notice the typo, thanks for that.

  4. Default Re: Tempest Set VS Current Equipment

    Use your coins to supply FM with something that everyone wants from the Tempest shop that's in good demand to fund your Empress gear. Rings and shoulders, for example. Although you may think, "Well everyone can get them," farming up those coins over and over is horrid. So you can probably makes some decent change by selling the items at good prices since people like myself would eventually start to just buy them in FM after 5 failed attempts through coin farming.

  5. Default Re: Tempest Set VS Current Equipment

    I wonder.
    In prepping for demon avenger, is it possible to get the hp bonus from empress and from tempest?

  6. Default Re: Tempest Set VS Current Equipment

    Yes totally possible, but not optimal.

    So pick any 3 from one set, and pick 3 others from the other set. You might want the Mystic set, or have your own accessories for that matter. However, I'm not so sure if you want to shell out so much for an Empress weapon... and also not sure if there will be Tempest Desperados. If I were you and I really want that HP boost, then I'd go like this:

    Empress: Overall, gloves, shoes (the cheapest and most available of the lot too)
    Tempest: Shoulder, belt, earrings
    Events/in-game: weapon, helm (hur hur)
    Choice of own cape

    But why do you want the HP bonuses so much?


  7. Default Re: Tempest Set VS Current Equipment

    Tempest ring/belt/shoulder work?
    Not for lumi, for demon avenger, who has hp main stat.
    unless that changed.
    That way I could wear rex earrings, czak, chtp, 3 empress, 3 tempest and other goodies.

    I just wanna hit dat 500k hp cap. Hehe.

  8. Default Re: Tempest Set VS Current Equipment

    Ring does not count as part of the Tempest set, neither does the pendant iirc.

  9. Default Re: Tempest Set VS Current Equipment

    Awwwww pineapple, I bought the ring to no good purpose. And I won't be able to get the damn attack bonus neither. Damn, damn, damn.

    Well, it did have better stats than the SC ring I guess, and it's potted. Still.

  10. Default Re: Tempest Set VS Current Equipment

    The ring is good for its pot. The usual alternatives would be Evolving, W/D/ABR, Legendary Ring, [Gratias Rings, Explorer's Rings, Lirin's/etc. Rings] choose one, positive chaosed-Silent Crusade ring (obviously you can also chaos the Tempest ring), the pair of set rings or other rings from other sets. But I feel that for new characters without those prior rings, the Tempest ring is a really good deal.

    Oh, also not forgetting the rings with those class-specific bonuses like Luminous's Ring.


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    Default Re: Tempest Set VS Current Equipment

    I would say though that the Tempest set is amazing swag. Anvil that on ALL your equipment, or if you're poor like me grab the Tempest set because you don't want to go spend a over half a billion on Empress gear. For me it's made worse since for a Pirate the Empress cape is stupidly overpriced.



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