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    Forgive me for such a stupid question but I was unable to find the answer.

    Shining Rod, is it a one-handed or two-handed weapon?

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    It's one-handed. Your off-hand holds the orbs. If they're two-handed, then there's no 2H magic attack scrolls in the Tempest shop, so I'm inclined to think one-handed.

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    MAIN WEAPON: Shining Rod new two-handed weapon type

    Source are the V.124 Update Notes, under 'Overview'
    So unless nexon screwed up, it's 2H. And has got a sub equip.

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    actually its 1handed, I used 60% 1handed aswan scrolls on rods

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    If you need any more evidence, here:

    Chat box clears things up, no?



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