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Thread: Hilla post v124

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    Is it just me or is she back to dropping NOTHING? Out of the 4 runs Ive done in the past 2 days she's dropped only 1 weapon and 1 skill book. Compared to pre luminous, she would drop up to 4 weapons and ~2 skills books for me per run.

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    I can check hard mode hilla later.

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    Pre Tempest I got 1 book and 0 weapons total, from 4 runs (using Big Spider familiar on at least the one I did get a drop), so maybe you're just not lucky today.

    Post Tempest I think it was 5 weapons in 3 runs, and 1 book, but they were all on 2x event time.

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    I just did 2 runs during 2x, both run drops 4 wep and 2 books.



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