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  1. Default [Sonicgear LOOP IIIx] Microphone Issues

    Am I supposed to post this in this sub-forum?

    Anyway, I just bought the thing today for like SGD26.00 with the intention of using the mic (since the dumb store doesn't sell PC mics for whatever reason).

    Problem is, the stupid mic's not picking up my voice. I've tested it in a game, tested it with windows sound recorder, nothing. I've checked that I didn't like derp and plug the mic jack in the wrong hole or anything, so that can't be the problem.

    I'm also placing the headphones around my neck with the microphone sticking up right in front of my mouth cause the headphones are too small for my big head, though I don't know if that's the cause of the mic issues. I don't see how it could affect anything though...

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    Is there a mute button on the mic?

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    I think so. It isn't a mute button per se, but an ON/OFF switch. I don't think that's the problem though, 'cause I had it set to on while testing, and the mic actually did pick up my fan. While setting it up for the game I mentioned, there was also a major reaction in the...uhh...what's that line thingy that spikes when there's a sound? A spectrogram? Anyway, there was a major reaction when my chair made creaking noises. So yeah, it picks up like everything except my voice. Noise-cancellation mic my ass.

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    Double check the mic jack. Maybe it's broken.



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