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  1. Default Zakum Prequests problem

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    Has anyone else experienced this problem? Doing the first pre-quest for Zakum just randomly dcs my Luminious. Not only does it dc me it dcs the party I'm with as well. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

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  2. Default Re: Zakum Prequests problem

    My guildies also experienced this issue. We also crashed while attempting the "escape" PQ. There's something funky going on with PQs. Most notably ones that limit your move/jump speed.

  3. Default Re: Zakum Prequests problem

    Odd, because I went through it with no issues. Could it be a server load issue? Well... I did it dead in your nighttime (like 2-4am-ish) so I'm not sure if that might be the cause. I don't usually get this sort of dcs though.


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    I crashed during the JQ as well. And in Aswan. Also on boats.

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    Default Re: Zakum Prequests problem

    Didn't we used to have this bug already? I remember how difficult it was to get through an APQ.
    All JQ-type maps (with movement skill restrictions) would crash if you had any type of Haste going (including speed on gear), and maybe other party buffs as well? That was before all these new classes with innate or passive-skill speed enhancements...



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