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  1. Default Purple Senior Equipment?

    I've been seeing lots of Luminous' walking around with these equipment. Do they serve any purpose (Epic Potential, M.ATT, etc.), and where can I get them? I have the Gloves, but that's all.

  2. Default Re: Purple Senior Equipment?

    They come with potential at a 100% rate and it's always epic-tier. That's the big thing about them. They're only 2nd-tier potential, though, so the max stat you can get is less than equipment above level 71. It's a great deal for unfunded players or players that can't afford high % stat items.

    Gold Rabbits (Chryse) : Boots
    Gold Scorpions (Chryse) : Hat
    Ferrets (Chryse) : Gloves

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    Default Re: Purple Senior Equipment?

    Had also seen them dropping from the sections of Aqua Road from the Masked Fish over to the entrance for KFT.

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    Default Re: Purple Senior Equipment?

    i have the shoes, hat and overall. i know for sure i got shoes and hat in chryse. as for overall, i think i got it in KFT but im not 100% sure.

  5. Default Re: Purple Senior Equipment?

    I just got a shoe in KFT... and it came with 4% int Does it only drop equipment of your class?

  6. Default Re: Purple Senior Equipment?

    The class of the equipment corresponds to the class you're training with.

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    Default Re: Purple Senior Equipment?

    I got the gloves at jr celions.



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