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  1. Default Luminous Feathers

    So when i play on Luminous my fathers are charching, but what they use for?
    beside changing light/dark and beside the changing sjukks, what they're use?

  2. Default Re: Luminous Feathers

    The feathers are used in conjunction with the side switching skill to limit the use of equilibrium.

  3. Default Re: Luminous Feathers

    Ok so if i cahrge them both till the end then what?

  4. Default Re: Luminous Feathers

    You just need a dark feather to turn dark, or a light feather to turn light. There's no additional effect for charging them to the max. o - o

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    Default Re: Luminous Feathers

    That's how I thought the system worked in GMS. Seems really pointless to have that gauge there when it doesn't do anything for you past the first feather.

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    Default Re: Luminous Feathers

    Nexon found a good way to make my OCD crazy, at least. Props to them.

  7. Default Re: Luminous Feathers

    Ikr, i always feel like i have to fill all the feathers....

    But it is a decent system 3-4th job. Once you switch, keep using only that type untill you charge the feather back up, then switch again. This gives you the most equilibrium time and damage output.



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