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Thread: DCing on Ship.

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    Try another character. All ships do is warp you to a new map. There should really be no dc, unless it's from lag. Either it's lag or Nexon recently did something. Could be a map dc hacker too.

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    A guy in my alliance was also having trouble with this.
    I don't know how many tries but he couldn't reach Leafre, I'll ask him once I log.

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    Everytime I get to 1:18 on the timer game freezes for a second and then quits. No crash is reported, the game just exits.

    EDIT: both boats and airplanes dc me.

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    Might actually be Nexon's mistake. I'll check when I get time on my Night Lord today.

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    If it helps I'm doing it from/to Orbis. One run actually got through somehow.

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    I dced from Ludibrium to Orbis via ship.
    Took other route Ludi -> Korean Town -> Aquarium -> Herb Town -> Mu lung
    Dced like 3 times on the stork ride, 4th time went through..
    Dced again from Orbis to Leafre, worked on 2nd try..

    Story of my life. ._.

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    I said it in another thread where someone had pointed out them d/cing, but I was getting this when I was trying to go to Ariant from Orbis before the Lumi patch. Though now I'm getting it more frequently on my Luminous. Given up playing my Lumi again, as I've been trying to do Silent Crusade all day and get nothing but crashes.



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