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  1. Water Female
    IGN: PlsBuffBT
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 22x
    Job: Beast Tamer
    Guild: Path
    Alliance: Meme
    Farm: Yeiionde

    Default GMS Luminous Discussion

    I've already seen some people discussing how Luminous has changed in GMS from KMS ranging from the lack of choosing a story pathway, the light and dark system changes, getting both of the paths at the start...etc.

    Personally, while I do think they should have kept the path system, I feel like after reaching third job it doesn't seem too bad. Admittely 2nd job was rough due to Sylvin Lance being far better than Pressure Void (except for on slopes). I ended up with 5 light feathers and only 2 dark feathers in 2nd job unless I forced myself to use Pressure Void. While in 3rd job I feel like Spectral Light is amazing on horozonal surfaces and slopes while Moonlight Spear is amazing if used from a platform above enemies; which resulted in me getting equal feathers easily Death Scythe and Equilibrium do feel kind of pointless though with the cooldown (and you can't put the equilibrium skill on the keyboard), especially since it takes all of 2nd job without it to get it unlocked.

    What does everyone else feel? Please try to keep it civil, I've seen some pretty angry opinions.

    Slightly off topic; female Luminous has attitude issues. If you use Blinding Piller she screams "BOW BEFORE ME"

  2. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    I hope this never makes its way to MSEA or I'm booting Luminous off my list of sub-mains and giving that to Evan. Months and months of waiting for this job to be released at GMS so that I can get quest dialogue (FTR I took screencaps of every Phantom quest and job advancements) and what is this oh hai gaiz Luminous is teh evilz but don't worry because he's going to go back to the light later! That's not even mentioning how they spoiled the uniqueness of this class which I should have seen coming but I had slightly more faith in Nexon than Asiasoft. :|

  3. God of Terrorism Straight Male
    IGN: Bomber123
    Server: StranInSCA
    Level: 202
    Job: Terrorist
    Guild: Noctivagant
    Alliance: I dont remember
    Farm: ExpiredMobs

    Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    I don't like waiting 3 minutes to go into equilibrium.

  4. Default GMS Luminous Discussion

    I was absolutely set on going Light Luminous, but seeing how awful the 1st job light skill is, it makes me happy that GMS did this. However, I feel it takes much, MUCH longer to reach Equilibrium, which is annoying.

  5. Neon Atom Male
    IGN: WaxMuseum
    Server: Galicia
    Level: 200
    Job: Captain
    Guild: UniquePwns
    Alliance: Miracle

    Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    I just wish I could hotkey the equilibrium buff so I don't have to time it

  6. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    You can hotkey the change light/dark mode beginner skill.

  7. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    Only if you skipped the tut.

  8. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    and apparently if you skipped the tutorial you get the error code 5 bug or something which keeps dc-ing you!

  9. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    Got my Luminous to level 116 yesterday, wish I had gotten it higher but I had to leave for about 6 hours.
    Planning to get at least 140 today, and going to spend about 100m for my luminous to make it stronger.

  10. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    Did 1-100 Yesterday (Even with 7 hours of work), Its a really fast leveler and mobs really well. Im enjoying it more than I expected, and I will continue it ;p

    Little sad about the fact that you can't choose light/dark, and that using light/dark doesn't make them weaker, that was a core part of what made Luminous special in KMS. But Oh well, people will have their damage dealing mages and enjoy em.

    One odd thing is people are saying not to max Magic Guard? I maxed it in 1st job and still never used a single potion.

  11. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    I've kinda learned why people are saying that. It's because of lunar tide.
    You want to keep your current HP lower than your current MP so you can get the Damage buff instead of the critical buff. It helps quite a bit with Ender, seeing as it hits 100% criticals.

  12. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    it's kinda hard to have less mp that hp to be honest.

    I personally just use an nlc pot if I get close. Plus with all the free pots from those boxes that drop all the time it's pretty easy to keep yourself in potions.

  13. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    I dont think that's it, People were saying there was something to due with an MP shortage if you maxed MG early, But i think that only applied in KMS.

  14. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    It happens, however you can easily fix that by logging in on another luminous, then logging in on your main / dcd lumi.

  15. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    I'd see why it would apply to KMS and not GMS, seeing as how we have familiars that recover MP.

  16. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    Being able to stay in one mode helps a lot with grinding but it takes away from what made the class special. I like that GMS buffed some skills, mainly the range on Teleport and range/damage on Reflection. I hate the long cooldown for going into equilibrium though. That's going to be a huge drop in DPS for Luminous. In KMS it only takes about 30 seconds so I hope GMS reduces the cooldown to about 30 seconds. They should also give Sunfire and Eclipse different effects to encourage using one mode over another.

  17. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    The modified storyline to mix light and darkness together is... a bit better than I thought. The light/dark system is weird though.

  18. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    Before I forget, I mined the Monster Book for the level 100 shining rod, and it's sparse...

    Mr. Alli
    Deep Buffoon
    Ore Muncher

    Might have forgotten one, but that's about it. Kind of sad tbh. Will make farming difficult.


  19. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    Ooh, I love training at ore munchers.
    With that crazy vert teleport and that beginner skill teleport that bips you to the nearest monster this is gonna be fun.

  20. Default Re: GMS Luminous Discussion

    Why bother farming the lv100 rod anyway? The Tempest one is better with the set. Also, pretty sure it comes epic on reveal.



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